• 11 min read
  • February 2019

A fast-growing company like Peripass needs a regular influx of new colleagues. Over a cup of coffee, we grill the ‘new guys’ for you.

Frederik Waeyaert (37) is a Project Manager at Peripass

“Together with my colleague Tom, I follow up Peripass projects from A to Z. We’re the people who ensure that Peripass is optimally tailored to the customer’s business processes. That begins in the pre-sales phase of the project, where we make an analysis of the customer’s needs and propose various solutions.”

“What do I like most about my work? That I’m involved with an innovative product every day. Because we integrate with a lot of software platforms and hardware systems, I get a lot of satisfaction from the technical puzzle this creates. Namely, how are we going to connect all of this together?”

“You can feel that the team is fully focused on the quality of the product and that together as a team we’re constantly searching for ways to make Peripass even better. We listen to our customers very well in doing this. I like that exchange. Knowing that you’re part of that growth process is a good feeling.”

“My choice to work for Peripass was made very quickly. It was very clear right from the start that it’s a team with a lot of knowledge and vision. People who know what they’re talking about, with a strong drive to get things done, in addition. The no-nonsense approach also appealed to me. You know then that things will move forward.”

“What do I do to relax? Don’t be startled, now; the answer will amaze you (laughs). When I started surfing at the age of thirty, I discovered that I was as stiff as a board (laughs). So I discovered yoga. And one thing led to another. At the moment I’m taking training to be able to teach pralaya yoga. In this type of yoga the focus lies on executing movements properly. This way you develop an ideal strong and flexible posture and prevent physical problems. That’s important when you sit still behind a desk all day and mainly exercise your brain.”

Tom Lierman (38) is a Project Manager at Peripass

“Together with my colleague Frederik, I follow up Peripass projects from A to Z. We’re involved even during the sales process in examining how we can best implement Peripass to meet the customer’s needs.”

“I come from the hospital sector, where I was also responsible for technical implementations. Then I sat in the hospital almost every day. The most enjoyable thing about my job now is that no two days are the same. I also get to go places where most people will never go. That’s a real privilege. In addition, I think it’s very interesting that I come into contact with different nationalities in the logistics and industrial world.”

“I’m a real ‘brain guy’, so I enjoy the technical and intellectual challenge of looking at how we’re going to solve challenges. It means constantly learning and ensuring that I grasp new technical matters. To be honest, I would be bored if I had too little technical challenge (laughs).”

“Why did I choose Peripass? The product was already mature when I came on board. It was high-performance, and both conceptually and architecturally it looked great. The Peripass software philosophy is in line with mine. It also looked intriguing to configure. And I ‘clicked’ well with the team and immediately felt that they really knew what they were doing. I found that vibe of professionalism very infectious.

“I have a passion for physics. It’s my favourite entertainment too. My absolute favourites are Brian Green’s books on string theory. But it can be something a bit lighter, too. (laughs) I like to follow new hit sci-fi series. I think the series Stranger Things is fantastic. As papa of a new combined family of four children, I try above all to free up a lot of time for the children, which actually means that my main hobby consists of playing ‘Taxi Tom’. Anything for the children’s future, you know! (laughs)”

Wim Boydens (40) is Team Lead Development at Peripass

“I lead the R&D team. That means that I outline the short-term and long-term vision for the software. We focus strongly on robust performance and flexible scalability in this, and we ensure that our products work 24/7. In short, I mainly have to ensure that our customer service colleagues don’t get too much work (laughs).”

“What do I find exciting about my job? The combination of leading a diverse team, being responsible for the architecture and determining how we continue to innovate with our products. I enjoy that diversity of my task package.”

“I consciously chose Peripass, a young and dynamic company. I immediately felt trust on both sides. I noticed that I was on the same wavelength with the team, and the task package appealed to me. It’s a pleasant place to work; it’s silly but I enjoy working in these offices. I enjoy the fact that here I have a direct influence on the innovation process.

“My hobbies? I’m a fairly adventurous type (laughs). For instance, recently I participated in the Tor Des Geants, running 338 km day and night in a bit more than 6 days, with a 30,000-metre altitude difference. A person has to do something with his free time, right? (laughs) In addition I travel the world to dive, and also just for enjoyment. When I want things a bit quieter, I take part in a chess tournament. I’ve been playing chess for 30 years now, and yet every match is still unique. So it’s extra enjoyable when I can tactically surprise my opponents.”