Discover the Peripass benefits for 3PL and warehouses

Peripass offers a high-impact yard management platform for your 3PL logistics companies. Find out more on how XPO Logistics and FIEGE moved forward to an efficient truck and trailer management, shorter lead times and uniform access control system.

#1 Improve and enhance productivity while keeping up with demands different partners

  • Create individual check in and check out processes according to the 3PL’s clients’ requirements and to your needs.
  • Streamlined, multi-language communication between dispatch and international carriers, through a self-service portal.
  • At the same time you can reinforce agreements, based on AE, TAPA ISPS, FIFO, ADR,. Act on agreements thanks to data-driven information and real-time insights.

#2 Stay profitable in a highly competitive environment

  • Automating the registration process for drivers reduces the reception costs and increases the volume of inbound and outbound logistics with equal resources.
  • Transparent operational overview on logistics: insights in planning vs real-time check-in (carrier performance, actual arrival and departure data on trucks and trailers).
  • Peripass helps you to avoid discussions about damage claims and wait times and lowers your costs (demurrage, rental costs trailer, penalty costs due to wrong or late shipments…).

#3 Keep a real-time overview on all truck and trailers and yard operators

  • Design your own supply chain workflows and increase the number of trucks on your site, a higher volume with less operators.
  • Digital yard task management: real-time insight in ongoing, finished or future tasks, no more manual administration at end of operator’s shift, objective data for improvement of operations.

#4 Create insights in process-related data to avoid demurrage and detention costs?

  • The software platform functions as the process-layer between back-end systems (ERP, TMS, WMS).
  • Peripass (YMS) integrates seamlessly with transport planning (TMS) or warehouse management (WMS) or can operate independently.