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Decospan, founded in 1979, has been a family business for three generations with a boundless passion for wood. Decospan is the European market leader in wood veneer processing and has an extensive range of products for wall, ceiling, floor, furniture and acoustic applications. The latest production site in Menen is fully committed to Industry 4.0 and showcases how Decospan innovates through the digitization of work processes.

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  • There was a need to simplify and manage different visitor flows

  • The reception area for visitors is located centrally on site

  • Automatic dispatching based on information from ERP

  • Nobody could see who was present on site, or who should or shouldn't be there

  • Need for clear communication to drivers who speak foreign languages

  • A flexible software platform for logistics reception

Site access was simplified thanks to Peripass. David Gesquiere, Facility Manager for Decospan, explains how Peripass delivers specific solutions for the site in Menen. On one hand, for visitors, who are sent a PIN code in advance. Also, for logistics, with contact-free kiosk registration for drivers who get instructions in their own language. Here, Peripass provides automation of the processes, more security and total transparency of site operations.

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