What do you need in order to use contactless registration?

We provide our platform for free and our implementation consultants will configure the software for you during two online meetings. The platform is available as cloud software and doesn’t require installation on client computers or other internal infrastructure.

FREE features in this offer

- Contactless truck driver & visitor registration
- Overview and insights of all registered visitors
- Multilingual communication with international truck drivers
- Possibility to communicate safety & QHSE briefing
- Dispatch truck drivers to loading docks/spots on-site
- Communication via text message (SMS) to drivers (optional)

Kiosk hardware?

For the kiosks, from our experience we suggest using one kiosk for every 50 visitors you expect on-site. We ask you to provide the kiosk hardware yourself or let your IT/IS-department provide take care of this. Any touch computer or tablet can be used (Windows).

If you don’t have hardware at hand, we advise using an ELO Touch Panel (ELO I-Series). These devices can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted (pole stand). Our implementation consultants will help you with the selection of this devices, you can buy them via your IT/IS-department or buy directly online (i.e. at Centralpoint or Bypos). In our experience, we advise you to budget € 1500 per device.

The devices should only have internet access, so they don’t need to be connected to the corporate network. Although you can connect most devices via WiFi, we advise to use cabled network for better performance.