Safe 24/7 parcel delivery and collection.

Control site safety and your site’s perimeter

  • Does your organisation receive a large number of parcel deliveries every day? Does the speed of these couriers on your site often give rise to risk situations?
  • Avoid unnecessary onsite traffic which may disrupt or interfere with operations and even give rise to accidents.
  • Peripass ensures that couriers can check in quickly and easily and can leave parcels in a dropbox. All they must do is enter the recipient or the department.

Rapid and efficient deliveries

  • Install a dropbox in the visitor zone to avoid couriers from driving around the site to drop off their deliveries.
  • Upon arrival, the courier selects a dropbox with the right size and indicates the recipient of the parcel or the department to which the parcel must be delivered.
  • Once the dropbox is closed, Peripass sends the recipient a notification along with a unique code to collect the parcel.

24/7 pick-up

  • Do your customers want to collect deliveries 24/7? Do customers need to pick up parts urgently?
  • Your contact can collect goods at any time of the day, without requiring an employee to be onsite, with a QR code or an e-ticket.
  • Peripass controls the right dropbox, ensuring a seamless delivery.

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