Enhance visitors’ experience in your offices and buildings and make check-in or registration easier.

Smart and cost-efficient access using self-service registration

  • Peripass has developed an intuitive check-in process in an unlimited number of languages, including in the Cyrillic or Greek alphabet.
  • After the visitor has checked in, the employee is automatically notified that his/her visitor has arrived.
  • If the visitor has access to the building, then Peripass can create a badge with access rights. Identification (e.g., a textile sticker) can also be printed as well as a map of the routes in the building.

Safety as a validation rule

  • Ensure optimum safety onsite with a safety video or safety test. Guarantee effective compliance with mandatory requirements (HACCP, IFS, ISPS, TAPA, SQAS, etc.).
  • In Peripass you can determine the validity and expiration of the test results for every user profile. You can also simplify the check-process of returning contractors or suppliers.
  • Visitors will automatically be denied accesswhen the validity of their test results has expired.
  • Keep tabs on who is in your buildings at any given time (visitors, contractors, suppliers, drivers, couriers, etc.) and print an evacuation list with just one click.
  • Set the safety level yourself: two-factor authentication, (e)ID-scan, blacklist of visitors.

Partner portal: have the contractor take care of the admin

  • You can delegate several rights to contractors or fixed suppliers which regularly visit your company. As a result, suppliers are responsible for pre-registering their employees.
  • The access rights and duties that are assigned to contractors are also automatically transferred to their registered employees.
  • Save time by providing them with the safety video in advance and asking the employee to take the safety test before visiting the company.

Integrate Peripass with existing access control systems

  • Peripass is an open platform that can be integrated with various access control systems (Paxton, Lenel, Honeywell, Alphatronics, Nedap, Dinec, Almas Industries, Rosslare, etc.)
  • The unlimited integration options allow you to control the existing hardware in your buildings (badge readers, revolving doors, tourniquets, speedgates, etc.)
  • You can thus define multiple processes depending on the types of visitors you receive.

Automation depending on your current business requirements

  • Peripass is an easily adaptable platform that can be easily configured with your company process, evolving in step with your organisation.
  • You decide which processes are automated first, depending on the company’s operational requirements.
  • Our know-how and best practices shorten your thought process and deliver guaranteed results.

Combine our solutions in one visitor platform

  • Do you need an integrated solution for your logistics process, your visitors, your contractors and your parcel deliveries?
  • Thanks to Peripass, you can now rely on one single solution for an unlimited number of users. You can also manage the system centrally, across various sites.
  • Peripass guarantees a full Return on Investment by allowing you to manage all the externals who have to be onsite with onecentral solution.

Combine our solutions.
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