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Benefit from yard expertise and apply the newest yard technology for Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing and Food & Beverage companies. Connect your infrastructure to the most innovative SAAS+ platform to cover all your yard management needs.

Experience simplicity in your automated yard ensuring hassle-free logistics and augmented visibility. Ease your yard and automate different visitor and logistic flows, enabling significant efficiency, cost savings and safety & security improvements.

Get the yard management solution you deserve and simply close the gap between your warehouse and transportation operations.

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Peripass yard management combines all benefits of integrated logistics processes

Get information on all trucks on-site or at the waiting car parks at any time. Get insight into who is on time, who is late or who is early. Avoid unnecessary waiting costs or discussions.

Peripass shows which loading or unloading zones are available. A simple dispatch from a truck to a gate automatically triggers the specific process for each profile - whether for trucks, trailers or containers.

Automatically have the right tools and the right goods sent to the right gate. Thanks to the Peripass app, shunters and forklift truck drivers know where to go.

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But, what are the actual benefits of digital Yard Management for your company?

Based on a personal ROI report, your company will receive an analysis of how the Peripass solutions can influence your business.

Which efficiencies and savings can be achieved?
What is the possible payback period?

Thanks to this study, savings often come to light you might have never thought of. The Peripass ROI calculation is free and no strings attached.

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