Central management of tasks for logistics operators

10 Yard management What this page is about

Digitalize tasks on the yard

Perform quality control, take photos of damage, register seal numbers, move trailers, do 7-point checks... Digitalize task lists for operational yard tasks, simply and fast.

10 Yard management Workflows

Define your own workflows

Organize task management so that it matches your operations. Define the various steps in a task or inspection and combine them in a reusable template.

10 Yard management Real time visibility

Real-time monitoring and overview

Real-time updates give both the dispatcher and the operator the correct picture of the priorities and current situation at all times. So you avoid misunderstandings and communication problems.

10 Yard management Optimized for fast input

Optimized for speed

Take photos, scan barcodes or QR codes, or select input from a drop-down menu: time is money, which is why we've made sure that you can enter the answers as fast as possible.

10 Yard management Works offline

Work offline when you need to

The mobile app will continue to work in the farthest corners of your site where you may not have an internet connection.

10 Yard management Automation

Automate the operator's actions

Always good to eliminate a step: let Peripass automatically create tasks when they are needed. No more "too early" or "too late".

With our workflow automation, you can use all the data in Peripass to create tasks whenever you want.


Find out where these features are used

Icon Icon duo color QA security operations2

QA & Security Operations

Digitizing quality and safety processes saves time in the later processing and consultation, while it also makes following QA & security regulations easier for employees.

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Icon Icon duo color shunter operations2

Shunter / Spotter Operations

Centralizing and digitizing all the tasks and priorities in the field saves time and increases efficiency by providing a better overview of the degree of priority.

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Icon Icon duo color handler operations2

Handler Operations

The mobile app allows warehouse workers to work according to the right priority, e.g., taking the waiting times of trucks into account. Warehouse workers save time by recording photos or non-conformities electronically.

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