Build custom processes handled by warehouse workers

Traditional warehouse operations often rely on rigid processes that don’t account for real-time changes and worker input. Our solution allows the creation of custom processes, tailored by and for warehouse workers using our intuitive platform. This capability enables workers to adapt to dynamic operational needs.

Get rid of paper and radio

Traditional warehouse operations often rely heavily on paper-based systems and radio communication, leading to inefficiencies and potential for errors. Our solution revolutionizes this by digitizing processes and enabling clear, instant digital communication. This shift not only reduces paper waste and streamlines workflow but also enhances accuracy and operational speed, significantly improving overall efficiency in warehouse management.

Get structured feedback from the warehouse floor instantly

Receiving timely and structured feedback from the warehouse floor is crucial for dynamic warehouse management. The Yard Operator App empowers workers to provide instant feedback directly from the warehouse floor, using a streamlined digital platform. This immediate communication enhances responsiveness to issues and suggestions, allowing for rapid adjustments and continuous improvement in operations, leading to a more efficient, responsive, and adaptive warehouse environment.

Instruct warehouse workers on what shipment to prioritize

Effective prioritization of shipments is key to optimizing warehouse workflow. Our solution provides clear, real-time instructions to warehouse workers, guiding them on which shipments to prioritize. This capability ensures that the most critical tasks are addressed first, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing turnaround times, and improving overall productivity in the warehouse.

Your benefits

Make better dispatching decisions faster

Consistent and accurate data capture allows for better tracking and analysis of warehouse activities, leading to more informed decisions, and efficient resource allocation.

Decrease your turnaround time

Significantly enhance operational efficiency in the warehouse and boosts overall productivity.

Decrease idle time of your team and docks

Maximize efficiency with Peripass. Reduce team and dock idle moments, boosting throughput and overall yard productivity.

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Customer testimonials

“We have made the most significant progress in simplifying visitor flows and communication with foreign drivers. They are directed to the correct gate, via an SMS in their native language.”

David Genquiere

Facility Manager, Decospan

Customer Stories

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Key Features of this Solution

Yard Operator App

Create and transmit tasks to your operators efficiently using the Yard Operator App, streamlining communication and ensuring swift, organized execution of yard operations.

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Digital twin & dispatch dashboard

Centralize all logistics information in one place and monitor your whole logistics site at a glance.

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Workflow automation

With the Business Rules Engine, you can automate and standardize recurring tasks based on predefined rules.

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