Make your quality assurance and security checks reliable and structured

Tracking the execution of quality assurance and security checks can be challenging, often leading to gaps in compliance and operational integrity. Use our solution to create, monitor, and verify these checks systematically. 

Know your QA and security check are executed in full – no exceptions

In many facilities, ensuring the full execution of QA and security checks without exceptions can be challenging. Our Yard Operator App addresses this by providing a system that tracks and confirms the completion of each required procedure. This feature not only guarantees thorough execution of all checks but also enhances overall operational compliance and security, providing a reliable and verifiable record of all QA and security activities.

Capture and store structured data from the yard instantly

Manual data capture during QA and Security checks can result in inaccuracies and data loss, and manually inputting this data into central systems is inefficient. Our QA & Security Operations solution, centered around the Yard Operator App, effectively resolves these issues. The app automates data capture and seamlessly integrates it into central information systems like ERPs, WMS, or TMS, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

Get rid of paper and radio

Using paper and radio for QA and Security checks can be cumbersome and inefficient. Our “QA & Security Operations” solution eliminates the need for these traditional methods by introducing the Yard Operator App. This app digitalizes the entire process, making it more efficient and reliable. By transitioning to this digital platform, your operations can expect a significant reduction in paperwork and improved clarity in communication, leading to streamlined processes and enhanced operational efficiency.

Your benefits

Improve your worklows and communication

Eliminating paper and radio use simplifies processes, saving time and resources while improving clarity in communication.

Know your checks get done systematically

Systematic execution of checks with our QA & Security Operations solution ensures thorough and consistent compliance, enhancing the reliability and safety of your operations.

Store data in the right place instantly

Digitalization reduces errors associated with manual data capture and communication, streamlining operations.

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“We have made the most significant progress in simplifying visitor flows and communication with foreign drivers. They are directed to the correct gate, via an SMS in their native language.”

David Genquiere

Facility Manager, Decospan

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Key Features of this Solution

Yard Operator App

Create and transmit tasks to your operators efficiently using the Yard Operator App, streamlining communication and ensuring swift, organized execution of yard operations.

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Digital twin & dispatch dashboard

Centralize all logistics information in one place and monitor your whole logistics site at a glance.

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Workflow automation

With the Business Rules Engine, you can automate and standardize recurring tasks based on predefined rules.

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