Deploy Autonomous Check-In for Drivers and Visitors

Traditional check-in processes often create delays and require staff intervention. Our solution enables drivers and visitors to independently check in, thereby streamlining access and enhancing site efficiency.

Let truck drivers and visitors check-in themselves

Manual check-ins at sites can lead to long queues and require significant staff involvement, slowing down operations. Our product introduces self-service kiosks, enabling drivers and visitors to check in quickly and effortlessly on their own.

Allow Authorized Visitors to Enter Your Site Automatically

Once a visitor has been authorized to enter your site, an additional manual intervention is typically required to physically grant them access, causing potential delays and operational inefficiencies. Our solution integrates with virtually any access control system, allowing for a seamless and automated entry process for authorized visitors.

Make Visitors Formally Acknowledge your Safety Briefing

In many facilities, ensuring that visitors properly understand and acknowledge safety briefings can be a challenge, posing risks to safety compliance and site security. Our solution addresses this by requiring visitors to formally acknowledge the safety briefing and possibly even complete a safety briefing test during the check-in process.

Your benefits

Reduce the workload on your team

Automate tasks with Peripass to lessen manual workload. Empower your team to focus on strategic initiatives, boosting morale and operational efficiency.

Simplify communication with drivers

Clear communication is key. With Peripass, reduce misunderstandings, provide real-time updates, and ensure smooth coordination between drivers and staff.

Make your yard safer

Enhance the safety of your yard by implementing rigorous and clear safety protocols that all visitors must adhere to. This proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of accidents and ensures a secure, well-regulated environment for everyone on site.

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Customer testimonials

“We have made the most significant progress in simplifying visitor flows and communication with foreign drivers. They are directed to the correct gate, via an SMS in their native language.”

David Genquiere

Facility Manager, Decospan

Customer Stories

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Key Features of this Solution

Self-Service Kiosk

Let visitors register themselves using our self-service kiosks.

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Digital twin & dispatch dashboard

Centralize all logistics information in one place and monitor your whole logistics site at a glance.

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Hardware integrations

Integrate with a variety of access control systems and other hardware to enable automated access control.

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