Instruct your shunter drivers instantly

Shunter drivers often face delays due to inefficient communication, slowing down yard operations and trailer movements. Our solution enables instant instruction and clear communication with shunter drivers.

Instruct shunter drivers instantly

In a bustling yard, timely and clear communication with shunter drivers is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency. Our Yard Operator App addresses this by providing a platform for instant instruction to shunter drivers. This key feature ensures that drivers receive real-time updates and directives, enabling quick response to operational needs and significantly enhancing the coordination and execution of shunter tasks

Know instantly when a task is done

Staying updated on the completion of tasks in real-time is vital for efficient yard management. Our solution offers immediate notification when a task is done, leveraging advanced tracking and communication technology. This capability ensures you are always informed of task progress and completions.

Prioritise certain tasks on the go

In the dynamic environment of a yard, the ability to adapt and reprioritize tasks is essential for maintaining efficiency. Our solution empowers you to prioritize certain tasks on the go, offering real-time flexibility and adaptability. This feature allows for quick adjustments to operational priorities, ensuring that urgent needs are addressed promptly and efficiently, thereby enhancing overall yard productivity.

Your benefits

Make better dispatching decisions faster

Leverage real-time data with Peripass. Optimize vehicle flow, assess situations quickly, and enhance yard operations, ensuring agility and productivity.

Get more trailer movements done

Maximize the number of trailer movements within your yard, efficiently utilizing resources and time.

Decrease idle time of your team and docks

Maximize efficiency with Peripass. Reduce team and dock idle moments, boosting throughput and overall yard productivity.

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Customer testimonials

“We have made the most significant progress in simplifying visitor flows and communication with foreign drivers. They are directed to the correct gate, via an SMS in their native language.”

David Genquiere

Facility Manager, Decospan

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Key Features of this Solution

Digital twin & dispatch dashboard

Centralize all logistics information in one place and monitor your whole logistics site at a glance.

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Yard Operator App

Create and transmit tasks to your operators efficiently using the Yard Operator App, streamlining communication and ensuring swift, organized execution of yard operations.

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Software integrations

Link Peripass with any other software system and centralize data from multiple systems so you can get a centralized and complete view.

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