Self-Service and Automation for your Yard

Our yard automation solution uniquely combines software and hardware so you can increase your throughput, make your yard safer, and get more visibility while decreasing time spent on manual tasks.

We strive to enable autonomous yards by

facilitating hassle-free logistics

  • Inbound/incoming goods
  • Container and trailer operations
  • Outbound/outgoing goods
  • Quality and security processes
  • Returnables/empties & waste
  • Contractors
  • Fast lanes
  • Visitors to your plant, warehouses and offices

Combine all our yard management solutions in one platform

Yard Control Tower

With the logistics dashboard, you can keep an overview of your site and how the capacity is used. Shorter waiting times, increase in volume

Yard Asset Management

Our digital twin provides a real-time overview of all trucks, containers, trailers, etc. on site.


Self Service Access

A digital registration process functions autonomously and allows you to save on reception costs and at the same time reducing waiting times.

What you stand to gain with Peripass Yard Management

Real-time insights
Business data enrichment
Simple multilingual communication
Fewer accidents
A platform that is easy to set up
Improved process efficiency
Resource and staffing optimisation
Lower per diem detention charges