From efficient & automated yards towards autonomous yard

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Our Mission

To enable autonomous yards around the world.

Our Vision

We commit to let people thrive through meaningful work, while freeing them from monkey jobs.

Passionate about logistics

Peripass is known for its expertise in digital Yard Management solutions. Peripass is a cloud-based SAAS+ platform and has strong international ambitions. Peripass makes it possible to map out processes, digitize and optimize them, thanks to the logistical expertise we have acquired in various sectors.

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Present in Europe, driven by strong international ambitions

Peripass’s management has dozens of years of experience developing and running companies. Find out more about the team behind Peripass’s success.

Board of Directors

icon Maarten Vandenbroucke

Maarten Vandenbroucke

Chairman of the Board

Maarten Vandenbroucke holds a master’s degree in physics from UGent (2003) and followed a management training at Vlerick (2008).

He has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and was founder and CEO of several tech startups. In 2012 Gatewing was acquired by Timble (NASDAQ: TRMB) and in 2019 Ticto was acquired by RightCrowd (ASX: RCW). He is also an angel investor, mentor or CEO of many other projects. Maarten is Chairman of the board at Behind The Buttons NV.

icon Liévin Van Overstraeten

Liévin Van Overstraeten

Member of Board of Directors

Liévin Van Overstraeten holds a degree in law (KUL 1982) and a management degree (Vlerick 1983). He has extensive experience in business management in the real estate sector both in Belgium and in Romania.

He is the CEO of De Haan Vakantiehuizen NV/SA, Behind The Buttons NV/SA, Burgerlijke Maatschap BMVO 2014, Burgerlijke Maatschap Van Overstraeten, Stavos Luxembourg SA, Stichting Administratiekantoor Stavos, Cocky NV/SA, Sippelberg NV/SA, Immovo NV/SA, VOP NV/SA, Maatschap GWG, Peripass NV/SA, Buttons for Cleaners BVBA/SPRL.

icon Johan Van Overstraeten

Johan Van Overstraeten

Member of Board of Directors

Johan Van Overstraeten has a broad experience managing companies, more specifically in property and software development.

He is a Director of De Haan Vakantiehuizen SA/NV, VOP SA/NV, Immovo SA, Immorobel SA/NV, Sippelberg SA/NV, Cocky SA/NV, Stavos Luxembourg SA, Stichting Administratiekantoor Stavos SA/NV, Burgerlijke Maatschap Van Overstraeten, Burgerlijke Maatschap BMVO 2014 and Be Real Estate NV/SA.

icon Koen De Waele CMS

Koen De Waele

Member of Board of Directors

Koen (°1973) holds a Master in Applied Economics and a Vlerick degree in Financial Management. He is active for 20+ years as software executive, entrepreneur, investor or advisor.

Currently, Koen is Venture Partner at Volta Ventures, an early stage B2B software investor.

Koen has a long history in logistics software as CFO & Strategy Director at Alpega, an international SaaS and marketplace provider to the transport & logistics industry. In recent years, Koen has been non-Executive Chairman of Supplystack.

Leadership team

icon Leander Naessens Peripass

Leander Naessens


Leander (°1985) is the founder of the company and is responsible for Strategy, Product & Engineering.

Before Peripass, Leander founded Behind The Buttons, a Managed IT Services company that was aquired by Cheops Technology in 2017. Peripass is the second SaaS-company lead by Leander, next to Buttons For Cleaners (°2014).

Leander has a broad interest in product management, software design and automation. Before starting as an enterpreneur, Leander worked in the event industry.

icon Tilde Vandenbroucke

Tilde Vandenbroucke


Tilde (°1972) joined Peripass in 2019 and is responsable for Operations, Finance & HR.

Tilde holds a Commercial Engineer degree (KUL) and a Middle Management degree (Vlerick). She has extensive experience in leading & managing IT-related teams & business units in different multinational companies (Mohawk, Unilin, Oracle).

icon Matti De Smet

Matti Desmet

Product & Engineering Directorma

Matti (°1990) holds a civil engineer degree (UGent) and has experience in software project and operations management (ROMBIT, Denys).

At Rombit, Matti has built extensive expertise in building software solutions in an industrial context for big enterprise companies such as PSA Terminals or MPET Group.

icon Caroline Vanderbauwede

Caroline Vanderbauwede

Head of Marketing

Caroline (°1977) is an enthusiastic marketing professional and joined Peripass in October 2019. She is responsible for Marketing.

Caroline has more than 20 years of experience in Marketing & Communication. Working in several industries such as floor covering (DOMO) and building materials (Fedrus International, Apok, VM Building Solutions) sharpened her marketing management skills.

icon Brenden Cambier

Brenden Cambier

Head of Engineering

Brenden (°1991) joined Peripass in 2021 and is responsible for the Engineering department and the overall technical vision of Peripass.

Before Peripass, Brenden was the Chief Technology Officer at Oxynade and SecuTix where he scaled both the application and engineering team globally.
Brenden holds a master's degree in Engineering: Computer Sciences from the University of Ghent and is passionate about technology and innovation.