Self Service Access

Digitize the logistics registration process


Registering truck drivers, contractors and visitors is a time-consuming process for internal employees or external staffing (guards), while this work is repetitive and therefore suited for automation. We also see that the current processes are still often done on paper (the traditional logbook, manually issuing badges), which leads to a margin of error as well as workload. The multitude of languages forms another challenge for logistics sites.

In addition to the number of drivers, most industrial sites have significant numbers of contractors and visitors entering the site each day. They generate a relatively high administrative workload by having to communicate each time with external parties on the one hand, and receiving and registering them on the other, which can lead to waiting times at peak moments.

Digitizing the registration process creates the opportunity to focus more on the added value of the reception staff and offers additional solutions and advantages such as time savings, accuracy of data, traceability of people on the site, management of privacy-sensitive information, etc. When a digital solution is used, the capacity can be expanded with kiosks. You can install as many kiosks as needed according to the size of the site.

Reduce reception costs

By digitizing the reception of drivers, visitors and contractors with self-service kiosks, the costs of organizing the reception can be greatly reduced.

Lower waiting time ensures higher volume

Convert existing registration procedures into digital alternatives and ensure shorter waiting times, more accurate information, traceability of visitors, integration of safety tests, QHSE, AEO, etc.

Enhanced compliancy & safety

Thanks to the combination of access control with automated communication, in different languages, and the ability to control barriers, traffic lights, weighbridges, etc., the site becomes a lot safer.

Visibility of the yard

Maintain an overview at all times of who is present (visitors, contractors, suppliers, drivers) or who has left the site.

Why choose us

Benefit from our innovative Yard Management features

Self-Service Kiosk Engine

Create your personalized digital registration process for logistics sites using this configurable software.
The Self-Service Kiosk Engine gives you all the building blocks you need to have drivers, visitors or contractors register themselves digitally on logistics sites.

Certification, safety tests & blacklisting

Quick identification with possible safety briefings and certification tests, all on the registration kiosk when entering your site.
For many companies, a briefing with safety instructions is the first requirement for entry onto the site. Strict hygiene measures, instructions for safely handling hazardous materials, specific guidelines for logistics maneuvers: now you can be sure that drivers know all the rules they need to follow.

Access Control System integration

Digitalize reception of drivers, visitors and contractors and make communication and access to the site as fast as it can be.
Communicate with visitors, contractors and drivers in their own language. Choose what and when you communicate depending on what your logistics processes require.

Contactless Document Handling

Print, sign and scan workflow documents and manage logistics documents automatically in the Peripass platform.
During registration, documents can be scanned at the kiosk. When checking out, documents can be signed and printed. Documents are saved digitally, ready for processing.

Customer stories

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