Shunter Operations

Digitize the control of shunters or spotters


Moving vehicles (trailers, containers, etc.) by tractors, shunters or spotters requires good management and thorough follow-up to avoid errors and also ensure efficiency.

In order to organize these processes manually, people often rely on radio communication and printouts, yet the priorities often change in the course of the day and are therefore often difficult to communicate. At the same time, feedback from the operator is crucial to detect damaged assets, incorrect locations or forgotten trailers, for example.

Our platform offers the possibility to centralize and digitize all tasks in the field. Assigning tasks to the different operators digitally, with the ability to adjust priorities during the day, saves time for both the operator and the dispatcher. In areas where communication was often manual, extensive feedback can now be collected, according to a specified format (e.g. yard location, license plate, photos of damage, etc.).

Improve operator velocity & volume

Reducing the administrative burden through digitization increases the number of tasks an operator can perform per day.

Radio communication becomes unnecessary

Digitize tasks and priorities for shunters and avoid radio communication. Easily manage priorities and avoid shunters waiting for new instructions.

High-quality, structured feedback

Tasks are electronically sent to the operator, with an overview of which tasks are in progress and have been completed.

Why choose us

Benefit from our innovative Yard Management features

Yard Task Management

Bring all tasks together in a mobile app for logistics operators and automate processes around quality and security.
Perform quality control, take photos of damage, register seal numbers, move trailers, do 7-point checks… Digitalize task lists for operational yard tasks, simply and fast.

Workflow automation

With the Business Rules Engine, you can automate and standardize recurring tasks based on predefined rules.
With the Business Rules Engine, or “workflow automation”, you can automate standard recurring tasks on your site: communication, granting and revoking access, truck call-up, synchronizing information with other systems, etc.

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