QA & Security Operations

Digitize quality and security processes


We see that e-mail and radio communications are still often used to assign tasks to employees on the site. Feedback on the status of activities is usually provided in the same way. Usually, photographic material gets processed manually at the end of the working day.

The mobile app facilitates QA checklists which, depending on the type of logistics transport, immediately request the correct information from the employee. All information is automatically sent back, resulting in time savings. Our platform has the potential to facilitate and improve all processes related to quality and security.

On the one hand, digitizing these processes offers significant cost savings and gains in efficiency, on the other hand, automation guarantees strict compliance with the established QA & security regulations.

Save time by reducing administration

Reducing the administrative burden through digitization increases the number of tasks an operator can perform per day.

Improve process conformity

By consistently completing checks via the mobile app, the platform ensures compliance with all regulations and traceability for every logistics flow, carrier as well as every employee.

Efficiency in TAPA environments

For high-value goods and TAPA environments, the mobile app can facilitate security inspections, either systematically or at random, with an efficient way to collect data, including photos.

Why choose us

Benefit from our innovative Yard Management features

Yard Task Management

Bring all tasks together in a mobile app for logistics operators and automate processes around quality and security.
Perform quality control, take photos of damage, register seal numbers, move trailers, do 7-point checks… Digitalize task lists for operational yard tasks, simply and fast.

Workflow automation

With the Business Rules Engine, you can automate and standardize recurring tasks based on predefined rules.
With the Business Rules Engine, or “workflow automation”, you can automate standard recurring tasks on your site: communication, granting and revoking access, truck call-up, synchronizing information with other systems, etc.

Customer stories

Our customers’ success stories

We would rather let our customers speak for themselves. Read our customer stories and learn from the experiences of various logistics, distribution and production companies. They explain how they use the Peripass platform to reduce costs, improve efficiency and make the site safer. Discover their smart flows …