Yard Automation

Automate logistics processes


On more complex sites, with numerous different logistics flows, without process automation it is not easy to safeguard every step of the process. It often happens that a driver leaves without the truck being weighed a second time, or that the CMR is not handed over to the driver. However, the costs of such omissions can quickly add up.

The Peripass platform enables the automation of all contact points with drivers for each logistics flow. From identification upon arrival, to printing documents, to fully automatic weighing of trucks.

Improve process conformity

If the necessary steps are not followed correctly, the platform itself displays an error message, making personal intervention unnecessary.

Improve safety/security

Each step that needs to be taken is sent to the driver in his own language by SMS, making his instructions clearer.

Reduce coordination & weighing costs

Automating weighing bridges and integrating them into the logistics process makes it impossible to enter or leave the site without weighing.

Why choose us

Benefit from our innovative Yard Management features

Workflow automation

With the Business Rules Engine, you can automate and standardize recurring tasks based on predefined rules.
Automation is something anyone can start doing. You don’t need to know coding, and you don’t need to wait for a software development process. And making changes to your automatic processes is also fully in your own hands. After you decide what you want to automate, building your own workflow is easy.


Automate your logistics reception and the call-up of freight trucks for simple and common logistics flows.
For simple and common logistics flows, autodispatch lets you fully automate the call-up and check-in of trucks. Why not automate your daily transports, regular external carriers, internal transports, waste & recycling…

Queue Capacity Management

Manage queue capacity at peak moments or for locations with limited space or backup-prone sites.
Let Peripass automatically send drivers arriving at the site to the right parking or loading location. You can do this based on available spaces or planned loading/unloading time.

Customer stories

Our customers’ success stories

We would rather let our customers speak for themselves. Read our customer stories and learn from the experiences of various logistics, distribution and production companies. They explain how they use the Peripass platform to reduce costs, improve efficiency and make the site safer. Discover their smart flows …