Handler Operations

Digitize the management of and feedback from warehouse workers

The loading and unloading of trailers and containers is often sufficiently facilitated, in terms of products, by WMS systems. However, some aspects of these operations are not covered by the WMS. Determining which truck should be handled first, for example, to avoid waiting costs or to register non-conformities regarding the trailer or container, is a task that is often still done manually. Given the large volume of loading and unloading operations, there is still a lot of room for improving efficiency and saving costs.

Our mobile app allows warehouse workers to start the next assignment according to the right priority. They can indicate when they start and, depending on the logistics flow, provide different types of feedback. An example of this is systematic documentation of the cargo (photos) for transports outside a specific region or specific temperature control for the reefers.

Reduce the administrative burden

Reducing the administrative burden through digitization increases the number of tasks an operator can perform per day.

Digitization of non-conformities

Digitizing tasks for warehouse workers provides insights and enables reporting on the operations. Documentation no longer has to be processed manually at the end of the shift.

Automatic management of warehouse workers

According to each defined logistics flow, the warehouse worker can receive tasks, in his own language, with the correct priority, and provide the correct feedback and processing for the task.

Structured data on transports

All data is stored in a structured manner. This offers new insights and the possibility of refuting claims or offering better conformity according to the desired processes.

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Benefit from our innovative Yard Management features

Workflow automation

With the Business Rules Engine, you can automate and standardize recurring tasks based on predefined rules.
With the Business Rules Engine, or “workflow automation”, you can automate standard recurring tasks on your site: communication, granting and revoking access, truck call-up, synchronizing information with other systems, etc.

Yard Task Management

Bring all tasks together in a mobile app for logistics operators and automate processes around quality and security.
Perform quality control, take photos of damage, register seal numbers, move trailers, do 7-point checks… Digitalize task lists for operational yard tasks, simply and fast.

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