Yard Asset Management

A digital twin of your site


Yard Asset Management is crucial when individual vehicles are frequently used. Without reliable automation, it is often impossible to provide flawless operations.

Yard Asset Management provides transparent information about the site and creates a digital twin, giving you a real-time overview of all trailers, containers, reefers, etc. This makes it possible to detect inefficiencies and optimize loading and unloading times.

Already upon registration, our platform captures whether a driver is there for a pick-up, drop-off or a combination of both. It is crucial to use this information in the further execution of each operation.

Reduce “lost” trailers

Avoid unnecessary costs by having to physically search for lost trailers or containers on the site.

No more incorrect pick-ups

Having the wrong trailers or containers picked up results in high costs. Automatic monitoring reduces the margin of error and prevents them from leaving the site.

Reduce idle rental

Thanks to insight into the data from the platform, you can optimize the number of vehicles to be used per day.

Visibility of yard operations & assets

Get quick insight into all trailers, from a specific transporter or for a specific customer, for example.

Why choose us

Benefit from our innovative Yard Management features

Digital twin & dispatch dashboard

Centralize all logistics information in one place and monitor your whole logistics site at a glance.
Stay completely on top of all arrived transports with the digital arrivals queue. This enriches the arrived transports with contextual information such as cargo data, type of goods, cargo schedule, waiting hours, etc.

Management Portal

Manage all data relating to arrival and departure times, turnaround times and fulfilment, and track all visitor activity.
Manage all the information and activities of the drivers, subcontractors and visitors coming to your site. Retain an overview of their status: expected, registered, arrived on site or departed site.

Customer stories

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