Self-Service Kiosk Engine

Create your personalized digital registration process for logistics sites using this configurable software.

Certification, safety tests & blacklisting

Quick identification with possible safety briefings and certification tests, all on the registration kiosk when entering your site.

Digital twin & dispatch dashboard

Centralize all logistics information in one place and monitor your whole logistics site at a glance.


Automate your logistics reception and the call-up of freight trucks for simple and common logistics flows.

Workflow automation

With the Business Rules Engine, you can automate and standardize recurring tasks based on predefined rules.

Software integrations

Link Peripass with any other software system and centralize data from multiple systems in Peripass platform.

Hardware integrations

Integrate with a variety of access control systems and other hardware and enrich Peripass with external data.

Management Portal

Manage all data relating to arrival and departure times, turnaround times and fulfilment, and track all visitor activity.

Access Control System integration

Digitalize reception of drivers, visitors and contractors and make communication and access to the site as fast as it can be.

Yard Task Management

Bring all tasks together in a mobile app for logistics operators and automate processes around quality and security.

Queue Capacity Management

Manage queue capacity at peak moments or for locations with limited space or backup-prone sites.

Contactless Document Handling

Print, sign and scan workflow documents and manage logistics documents automatically in the Peripass platform.

Weighing automation

Weighing automation enables effortless management of the weighing process, including a full audit, total visibility and avoiding mistakes.