Yard Management Solutions

Cameras take pictures and record video of the truck when he enters and leaves the site

The driver checks himself in thanks to the self-service terminal

Peripass controls the valves of the tank storage

The driver receives a text message with the route to follow on the site

Peripass controls the access control hardware

Peripass | the Yard Enabler

Benefit from yard expertise and apply the newest yard technology for Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing and Food & Beverage companies. Connect your infrastructure to the most innovative SAAS+ platform to cover all your yard management needs.

Experience simplicity in your automated yard ensuring hassle-free logistics and augmented visibility. Ease your yard and automate different visitor and logistic flows, enabling significant efficiency, cost savings and safety & security improvements.

Get the yard management solution you deserve and simply close the gap between your warehouse and transportation operations.

Yard Control Tower

With the logistics dashboard, you can keep an overview of your site and how the capacity is used. Shorter waiting times, increase in volume

Yard Asset Management

Our digital twin provides a real-time overview of all trucks, containers, trailers, etc. on site.


Self Service Access

A digital registration process functions autonomously and allows you to save on reception costs and at the same time reducing waiting times.

Yard Automation

Process and yard automation monitor all the different steps in the logistics process and allows you to reduce coordination costs and to increase both safety and security.

QA & Security Operations

Digitizing quality and safety processes saves time in the later processing and consultation, while it also makes following QA & security regulations easier for employees.

Shunter Operations

Centralizing and digitizing all the tasks and priorities in the field saves time and increases efficiency by providing a better overview of the degree of priority.

Handler Operations

The mobile app allows warehouse workers to work according to the right priority, e.g., taking the waiting times of trucks into account. Warehouse workers save time by recording photos or non-conformities electronically.

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Peripass yard management brings together all the benefits of integrated logistics processes

Get real-time information on all trucks on-site or at the waiting parking. Get insight into who is on time, who is late or who is early. Thus avoid unnecessary waiting costs or discussions.

Peripass shows which loading or unloading zones are available. A simple dispatch of a truck to a gate automatically triggers the specific process for each profile – whether for trucks, trailers or containers.

Automatically have the right trucks and the right goods sent to the right gate. Thanks to the Peripass yard management system, shunters and forklift drivers know where to go.

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