Food & Beverage

Preventing any form of contamination during the production process is crucial for companies.

Food safety

The food industry must comply with strict norms, such as HACCP and IFS. Are you sure that every external, including contractors and visitors, receives the right information when visiting your production facilities?

With Peripass you can inform contractors and visitors about the specific rules that apply onsite. You can also be certain that they have watched the safety video and that they have successfully passed the safety test. The access control system will only allow visitors in with a valid test. Moreover they can pass the test in their own language, which only makes the message stronger.

Access rights

You can determine for every profile which spaces they may enter, and only for the period in which they are carrying out works onsite. That way you can always be certain that a visitor or contractor has gone through the required safety process and that the linked hardware is always aware of specific access rights.

The conditions must be controlled at all times

Align your communication to drivers with your logistics process. The door of your warehouse is only opened when the doors to the truck’s cargo compartment are opened.


Peripass ensures that traceability is not interrupted. All the data that are captured during the process is automatically saved to your business software:

  • Time when the driver checks in
  • Time when the driver enters the site
  • Docking time
  • Temperature during docking
  • Time when the truck leaves the site

Smart and cost-efficient admission with self-service registration

Peripass has an intuitive check-in process in an unlimited number of languages, even in the Cyrillic or Greek alphabet.

We use existing business data (PO numbers, slot reference, etc.) for the recognition process and link this to the business software (ERP, TMS, WMS).

Does the driver fulfil all the conditions? Peripass ensures that the driver’s modified status is sent to all the linked systems and applications.

Smart automation

With Peripass you have an insight in the logistics reception process at any time, without human intervention: check-in, admission, dispatching, etc.

Our multilingual SMS system sends the right truck, with the right goods, to the right gate, limiting and even avoiding wait times. Trucks are never onsite longer than necessary.

Peripass can control additional processes: control the conveyor belt, notify WMS, notify an individual, record the weight on the weighbridge, etc.

“As soon as we notify the driver that he may drive up to the gate, the right pallets are automatically picked in our high-bay warehouse and prepared for him. The turnaround process is reduced by 30 minutes as a result.”

Wim Muylaert
Logistics Manager, Alpro

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