Optimise cost-efficiency with an automated yard management process. Enforce Health & Safety rules with visitors and contractors.

Do more with the available space

Plenty of industrial sites were developed in the past and have very little margin for growth as a result, meaning there is no space for parking lots where trucks can wait.

In addition, truck drivers tend to enter sites that are not fenced off. As a result, they disrupt onsite operations and occupy space unnecessarily. During peak times, this creates chaos, both onsite and in the business park, resulting in inefficiency and an increased risk of accidents.

Enforce Health & Safety rules

The industrial world must comply with strict safety rules such as VCA, ISO 9002 and ISO 14000. Are you certain that your external visitors, such as contractors, have the right certificates with them? Do they receive specific safety information when visiting your site?

With Peripass you can inform your contractors and visitors about the specific rules that apply onsite. You can also be certain that they have watched the safety video and have successfully passed the safety test. The access control system will only let visitors in when they have a valid test and valid certificates. Moreover, they can take the test in their own language, making the message even stronger.

Real-time insights

Peripass gives you a real-time insight into which loading bays are free, how many trucks have checked in and how many are currently going through the process. Checked-in transports can be further enriched with the existing planning or ERP systems.

As a result, employees have an accurate idea about which transports are necessary on site and which can be put in the queue. When you combine this with a parking lot, where trucks can wait, you create a buffer. This can be easily managed in accordance with the business process, without creating congestion or traffic issues on site or in the neighbouring streets.

Smart and cost-efficient access with self-service registration

Peripass has an intuitive check-in process in an unlimited number of languages, even in the Cyrillic or Greek alphabet.

We use existing business data (PO numbers, slot reference, etc.) for the recognition process and link this to the business software (ERP, TMS, WMS).

Does the driver fulfil all the conditions? Peripass ensures that the driver’s modified status is sent to all the linked systems and applications.

Tailored to your business needs

Because Peripass is so easy to configure, you can develop a specific process for every type of flow. As a result, you can set very specific requirements for every flow and guide the driver through the entire process, in his own language and without any human intervention.

  • Are there specific PPEs involved?
  • Enter through a specific entrance
  • Follow a specific route onsite
  • etc.

Access rights

You can determine for every profile which spaces they may enter, and only for the period in which they are carrying out works onsite. That way you can always be certain that a visitor or contractor has gone through the required safety process and that the linked hardware is always aware of specific access rights.

Partner portal: have the contractor take care of the administration

You can delegate a number of rights to contractors or fixed suppliers which regularly visit your company. As a result, suppliers are responsible for pre-registering their employees.

The access rights and duties that are assigned to contractors are also automatically transferred to their registered employees.

As a result, contractors and road haulage companies can check in remotely, enjoying preferred partner status upon arrival, meaning access is accelerated.

Save time by providing them with the safety video in advance and asking the employee to take the safety test before visiting the company.

Determine the expiration date of the validity of the test results for every visitor profile. The tests of regularly returning suppliers and contractors can remain valid longer.

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