Logistics is all about optimum planning.
The goal: to keep costs as low as possible with an efficient inbound and outbound process, with the lowest possible number of FTEs.

Increase capacity

Arriving trucks must be checked in as efficiently and as quickly as possible. They must enter the site in a controlled way and be able to leave within an acceptable time frame.

The more efficient this process is and the better this process is coordinated with the internal processes, the faster you can work. Drivers spend less time waiting, which reduces the detention charges and increases efficiency. The increased capacity is a pleasant consequence.

User-friendly, in an unlimited number of languages

Peripass has a user-friendly interface that allows drivers to register themselves easily and simply in their own language, using an existing PO number, slotting number or shipment number. Peripass then sends this to your business software(ERP, TMS, WMS). As a result, all the important data is also automatically validated.

Automated admission processes

Does the driver fulfil all the conditions? In that case, he receives a text message with a unique access code so he can proceed to the right gate and will automatically be let in.

Peripass triggers the right process to admit the driver to the site: control of the barrier, register the weighbridge data, take a photo when the truck enters the site, start the conveyor belt, open the gate, etc.

Good planning for increased efficiency

Planning is crucial to make optimum use of your own resources, including employees, locations and material.

Because Peripass gives you a real-time insight into the yard management process of your site, employees can make accurate and rapid decisions about the priority of every transport, ensuring maximum control of the planning process.

The dispatching of each truck is done with a simple “drag and drop” in Peripass. You can see at a glance whether a truck is on time or too late, whether this is a refrigerated transport or whether it is linked to a strict SLA for example.

Better insights and reporting

You are kept informed every step of the way with the Peripass dashboard, which allows you to act swiftly and check all the important SLAs and KPIs at any time.

All the data that Peripass processes during each flow allows you to gain high-level insights in all flows (inbound, outbound, empty logistics, fast lanes, etc.) but Peripass also allows you to check every transport down to the last detail.

As a result, data can give you an insight into wait times, the photos that are taken when the truck enters the site can be used to prove (or refute) damage claims, you can check who left with which trailer, what was the truck’s weight when it entered and left the site, and so on.

“The entire process is very time-critical. Now we succeed in loading a truck every 30 minutes, which is quite fast. The turnaround process is reduced by 30 minutes as a result, compared with a classic process.”

Wim Muylaert

Logistics Manager, Alpro

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