Save time with automated truck call-up


For simple and common logistics flows, autodispatch lets you fully automate the call-up and check-in of trucks. Why not automate your daily transports, regular external carriers, internal transports, waste & recycling…

Configurable according to your own rules

Define your own criteria for autodispatching with the help of decision rules. Use an extensive set of conditions and priorities, like FIFO or slot booking.

You maintain full control, and you decide when to turn this option on or off.

Immediate access to the site

With instant autodispatching, you can have your drivers simply register and then immediately drive through to the right loading or unloading location.

The wait parking is skipped and you get your transports in and out faster.


Find out where these features are used

Yard Asset Management

Our digital twin provides a real-time overview of all trucks, containers, trailers, etc. on site. The result is that the number of “lost” trailers and unnecessarily hired trailers can be greatly reduced.

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Self-Service Access

A digital registration process functions autonomously and allows you to save on reception costs and at the same time reducing waiting times.

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Yard Automation

Process and yard automation monitor all the different steps in the logistics process and allows you to reduce coordination costs and to increase both safety and security.

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