Certification, safety tests & blacklisting

Safety briefings and certification tests on the registration kiosk

From safety briefing to test

For many companies, a briefing with safety instructions is the first requirement for entry onto the site. Strict hygiene measures, instructions for safely handling hazardous materials, specific guidelines for logistics maneuvers: now you can be sure that drivers know all the rules they need to follow.

With the Self Service Kiosk you can give everyone a safety briefing, and even follow it up with a test in quiz format. Only people who pass the test can enter the site.

Fast and secure with a passport scanner

Make the security procedure completely airtight by integrating a passport scanner into your registration process.

Peripass will identify a driver or visitor upon their next visit so that they do not need to retake the certification test.

Certification procedures made-to-measure

Every company has its own safety requirements. That’s why you should draft your own safety instructions and tests. Decide how many questions each driver needs to answer correctly and how many tries they get.

Choose different certification procedures depending on the logistics flow, for example depending on the type of cargo or type of goods.

Blocked and admitted persons

You can draft a list of admitted persons on the basis of identification information. This is particularly handy in TAPA environments or high-security sites at which every visitor must be registered in advance.

You can also deny drivers, visitors or contractors access for a defined period of time – for example, after a negative experience.

Detailed audit trail

Every change is logged in detail: registrations, modifications to the validity of a certificate, changes by managers, the drivers’ results on tests taken at the kiosk, etc.

This allows you to keep track of the who, where and when for all changes made.


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