Digital twin & dispatch dashboard

Monitor your logistics site at a glance

Digital display of your site

See all logistics information in one handy dashboard tailored specifically to your site. Combine information on scheduled shipments and slot booking systems with the current situation at the loading locations and at parking sites.

Thanks to a link with the access control system or with dock sensors, the user can see the situation at the yard: transport call-ups that have not yet arrived, transport arrivals at loading/unloading locations, transport departures, etc.

Clear list of arrived transports

Stay completely on top of all arrived transports with the digital arrivals queue. This enriches the arrived transports with contextual information such as cargo data, type of goods, cargo schedule, waiting hours, etc.

Choose what information should be visible at a glance and what information is accessible with one click. Just look at all the information that can be displayed here: sorting, search and filter options give dispatchers and team leads the right focus.

Dispatching has never been this easy

Now, with the handy drag-and-drop functionality, you can simply drag a transport to its loading or unloading destination. Peripass takes care of the rest: the driver automatically receives a text message with the correct location and access code.

If you want to go further and automate the call-up, you’ll want to check out our autodispatch function.

Define your own logistics dashboard

You can create the layout of the digital version of your site yourself, including the right nomenclature or numbering of the location.

Do you have multiple locations or business units on one site? You can decide whether you see everything in the same view or define different dashboards for each department.


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With logistics dashboards, you keep an overview of your site and how capacity is used. Waiting times can be shortened, the number of operations increased.

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Yard Asset Management

Our digital twin provides a real-time overview of all trucks, containers, trailers, etc. on site. The result is that the number of “lost” trailers and unnecessarily hired trailers can be greatly reduced.

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Yard Automation

Process and yard automation monitor all the different steps in the logistics process and allows you to reduce coordination costs and to increase both safety and security.

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