Queue Capacity Management

Optimize capacity, queues and parking.

Automatic capacity management

Let Peripass automatically send drivers arriving at the site to the right parking or loading location. You can do this based on available spaces or planned loading/unloading time.

When spaces free up or a time slot is approaching, transports can automatically be called up to a closer parking location.

Planning the right priorities

Define your own priorities for calling up drivers to the nearest parking: FIFO, LAFO or based on time scheduled in your WMS, TMS or ERP system.

Automatic communication and notification

Upon registering at the kiosk, drivers are immediately informed of where they need to park.

When the transport is called up to a closer parking space, the driver is automatically notified by a text message in their own language. Coordinate communication for the available description for fastest handling.


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Yard Control Tower

With logistics dashboards, you keep an overview of your site and how capacity is used. Waiting times can be shortened, the number of operations increased.

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Yard Asset Management

Our digital twin provides a real-time overview of all trucks, containers, trailers, etc. on site. The result is that the number of “lost” trailers and unnecessarily hired trailers can be greatly reduced.

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Self-Service Access

A digital registration process functions autonomously and allows you to save on reception costs and at the same time reducing waiting times.

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