Self-Service Kiosk Engine

Create your personalized digital registration process

Everything for digitalizing the logistics registration process

The Self-Service Kiosk Engine gives you all the building blocks you need to have drivers, visitors or contractors register themselves digitally on logistics sites.

You can manage, expand and modify the system yourself to let it grow with your needs and desired functions.

Thanks to the advantages of cloud technology, you can install the kiosks anywhere, simply and easily.

Supports multiple languages

On the user-friendly start screen, visitors can start by choosing their own language simply by clicking on a flag.

The kiosk software supports virtually every language. It’s easy to add your own content in any language you wish to provide.

Define the registration steps for each visitor profile

The Self-Service Kiosk takes every visitor through the registration process step-by-step.

Bundle steps by individual visitor profile. This ensures that visitors only see the screens that are relevant to them.

Choose what visitor profiles are active for each access to make registration even easier for visitors and drivers.

All information collected digitally

Thanks to the smart flow design, visitors can run through the entire registration process digitally using the Self Service Kiosk.

Making the process fully digital means that you can collect all the data you need much faster and error-free. Delays or errors caused by communication via telephone or on paper are a thing of the past.

You design the most efficient flows of screens and entry fields yourself, based on the information that you need.

Intuitive guidance when signing up

The kiosk software helps you to make the logistics registration procedure as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. As a result, every visitor can easily go through the steps of the registration.

In addition to the explanation in your own language, communication on the screens is also supported with clear images and icons.


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