Software integrations

Link Peripass with any other software system

Enrich Peripass by linking it with other systems

Make better decisions and accelerate processes by consolidating data from multiple systems in Peripass. Thanks to the Peripass open API, you can add, read or manipulate data from any other system.

Did you know that Peripass has an extremely flexible data architecture? So you can be sure that Peripass is handling all your data correctly. For more information, read “custom fields”.

Powerful data mapping

Send real-time updates like moment of registration or moment of departure to any application of your choice.

Use the powerful data mapper to supply data in Peripass to the receiving application in the format it needs. No conversion or intermediate steps needed, just data exported directly to your application.

And with our innovative solution we can also make sure your data goes to on-premises systems securely.

Experience integrating software from other vendors

Straight out of the box, Peripass is ready to integrate with a broad palette of other software packages, like SAP (R3, S4Hana), Transporeon, Alpega (Transwide, Smart Booking), PlusPort E-learning, DCT Transport Planning, Streamliner, AS400, JD Edwards, Cargoclix and many more.

Want to know if we have experience with the system you use? Contact us for the full list of integrations we’ve performed.


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