Weighing automation

Weighing automation enables effortless management of the weighing process

Paperless, error-free, automated & communicated

Integrating the weighbridge with Peripass eliminates the need to print weighing tickets, which can get lost, damaged, or mixed up with other tickets.

Automatically communicate in any language to drivers at what stage in the process they need to go to a weighing bridge and allow them to easily start the weighing process themselves, freeing up time for your operators.

Centralized real-time data

When your truck scales are integrated, each weighing result is immediately linked to the correct transport, truck or trailer. No more extra administrative work to manually input weighing data to free up your administrative capacity for more important tasks.

Automated and fraud-proof

Combining the weighing process with Peripass and the integration of automated barrier controls enables you to manage who is on the weighing bridge and when.

Immediately know the results, and automatically tell a camera to take pictures during the weighing.

Fraud or unintended mistakes, 2 trucks on the same weighbridge, or multiple people in the cabin can be detected, documented and is available to share with your suppliers.

Multi-step weighing processes covered

Whether your organization requires a 1-step, a 2-step or multiple step process, calculating net weights, deltas, and alerting on weighing results is fully supported.

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