Business Rules Engine

Automate and standardize recurring tasks

Automate processes on your site

With the Business Rules Engine, or “workflow automation”, you can automate standard recurring tasks on your site: communication, granting and revoking access, truck call-up, synchronizing information with other systems, etc.

Define what event and what conditions must trigger a certain action.

Flexible and personalizable

Workflow automation makes all the Peripass modules work in tandem with your own logistics process. Do you need to grant a driver access to your site immediately after registration? Or do you only need to grant access after call-up? The decision is up to you.

With the simple, 3-step system, the possibilities are endless: “when X happens, under Y conditions, do Z”. So you should also definitely consider integrating your existing hardware, to elevate your automated processes to a new level.

Design and modify processes yourself

Automation is something anyone can start doing. You don’t need to know coding, and you don’t need to wait for a software development process. And making changes to your automatic processes is also fully in your own hands. After you decide what you want to automate, building your own workflow is easy.

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Self-Service Access

A digital registration process functions autonomously and allows you to save on reception costs and at the same time reducing waiting times.

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Yard Automation

Process and yard automation monitor all the different steps in the logistics process and allows you to reduce coordination costs and to increase both safety and security.

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QA & Security Operations

Digitizing quality and safety processes saves time in the later processing and consultation, while it also makes following QA & security regulations easier for employees.

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