Cebeo revolutionize Yard Management at their greenfield site

Nov 21, 2023 | New client

[Doornik, Belgium] – Peripass is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with Cebeo. Leading distributor specialized in the distribution of electrical materials, technical services, and solutions for the residential, tertiary, and industrial sectors. With an innovative greenfield site in Doornik, Belgium, Cebeo has chosen Peripass to address several key challenges, enhance yard management, and streamline operations.

Cebeo: Pioneering Distribution in Electrical Materials

Cebeo has a well-established reputation in the distribution of electrical materials is. Their expertise extends across various sectors, including residential, tertiary, and industrial, where they provide a wide range of solutions and technical services. The company is renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence in all aspects of its operations.

Revolutionizing Yard Management: Addressing Crucial Issues

Cebeo faced several pivotal challenges at its new Doornik site, which Peripass’s solutions were tailor-made to address:

  • Visibility: The need for visibility concerning arrivals, driver registration, and current capacity on the site.
  • Communication: Preventing communication problems due to language barriers. More and more truck drivers have little to no understanding of English or Dutch.
  • Manual Workflows: A part of the processes relies on manual registration for both truck drivers and employees. Increasing the risk of errors and significantly slowing down throughput.
  • Dispatching: The need for automated dispatching from a central gatehouse. So that all manual processes can be automated. The partnership with Streamliner and Peripass aims to fully cover this aspect.
  • Greenfield Site: The Doornik site is a greenfield project, representing a significant investment in automation.

Two Key Features for Enhanced Yard Management

Peripass’s integration at Cebeo’s Doornik site focuses on two key features to optimize yard management:

  • Self-Service Access: The introduction of self-service kiosks at the site’s entrance offers an efficient alternative to traditional reception processes.
  • The Yard Control Tower: The Yard Control Tower provides real-time insights into yard operations, enhancing monitoring of capacity, arrivals, and departures. This central hub streamlines communication and coordination.

Why Cebeo Chose Peripass

Several key reasons led Cebeo to choose Peripass as its partner:

Driver Communication: Seamless communication with truck drivers was essential for Cebeo, and Peripass’s solutions effectively addressed this challenge.

Integration with Other Software: The ability to integrate Peripass with other software, such as Streamliner (ERP), made the partnership an ideal fit for Cebeo.

Additional Insights

The Doornik site at Cebeo involves two self-service kiosks, one for truck drivers and another for visitors. These kiosks replace traditional reception processes, offering a streamlined and efficient alternative. When individuals register at the kiosk, Cebeo employees are automatically notified through email or SMS.

The entrance and exit gates for both trucks and visitors are equipped with poles. Featuring intercoms for enhanced communication and access control.

Cebeo’s Doornik site primarily deals with inbound traffic and benefits from Peripass’s innovative solutions. Designed to enhance efficiency, communication, and transparency. This partnership marks a significant step toward operational excellence and a more efficient and modern yard management approach for Cebeo.

About Peripass:

Peripass is the yard automation solution.

We help production plants & distribution centres add self-service and automation to their yard operations so they can expand their throughput, while improving safety and visibility on their yard.

Our solution uniquely combines software and hardware to help clients solve typical problems related to their yard operations.These issues include: truck traffic congestion and dangerous manoeuvring around their sites, instructing truck drivers in foreign languages, dispatching efficiency leading to limited throughput, high carrier demurrage costs, Time lost on manual audit logging or manually operating weighing systems.

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