Optimize logistic flows and manage assets on your yard efficiently

Peripass and Nedap engage in a strategic partnership to optimize logistic flows and to manage assets on the yard

Peripass is glad to announce its strategic partnership with Nedap Identification Systems. Peripass offers different yard management solutions in Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing and Food & Beverage to simply close the gap between warehouses and transportation operations. The integration of Nedap’s License Plate Recognition systems into Peripass’ Yard Management platform ensures an optimal check-in process and throughput of both trucks and trailers (featuring different license plates) at logistic hubs. The integration of Nedap’s SENSIT parking sensors provides real-time information on the availability of loading docks at logistic sites.

Recurring challenges at logistics sites

Many companies still struggle with the recurring challenges of traditional logistics sites: unsafe traffic situations at the reception desk, difficult communication with drivers due to language barriers, traffic jams on the road, having to look for trailers and trucks on the site. Yard Management offers the solution for more visibility over the entire site, faster truck flow, multilingual and contactless reception of drivers, automation and digitization of logistics processes. By connecting the Peripass yard management platform to Nedap’s vehicle detection and vehicle identification solutions, data becomes visible in real-time in a logistics dashboard. It is therefore a logical step for Peripass and Nedap Identifitcation Systems to join forces. The result? Optimal flow of inbound and outbound and visibility of parking capacity on the logistics site.

Optimize truck parking capacity

Recently, Peripass installed their solution at VPK Packaging in the Belgian city of Dendermonde and joined forces with Nedap Identification Systems to optimize the truck parking capacity at the site. Nedap’s smart parking sensors SENSIT were implemented to provide real-time accurate information about the availability of the loading docks for trucks. Knowing where the free spaces are and how long a truck is parked on a loading dock provides essential information to optimize the usage of the yard. This makes it easier, for dispatchers and employees performing operational tasks, to maintain an overview of the site and the capacity used.

Improve vehicle throughput at yards

In addition to optimizing parking capacity, Nedap has also been able to add value for identifying trucks upon entry. Nedap’s ANPR Lumo camera is the perfect solution for this. Nedap’s ANPR Lumo camera is a high-end Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera and perfect for demanding situations – such as truck and trailer identification – where vehicles need to be granted access. Nedap’s ANPR camera’s ensures rapid access, reducing waiting times and preventing congestion at entrances and exits. At the same time, entry and exit times can be automatically recorded in the platform.

A technology collaboration in favour of logistic sites

“The collaboration with Nedap provides numerous benefits for companies. Extra transparency about their site and the use of loading docks combined with a real-time overview of all trailers, containers, reefers, etc. This makes it possible to easily manage assets and tasks on the yard, identify inefficiencies or optimize throughput times. By integrating ANPR cameras, access processes can be automated and significantly accelerated, often resulting in savings, on top of the reduction of waiting costs.“

Leander Naessens, CEO at Peripass

“This technology partnership with Peripass provides the growing logistics market with a complete yet fully open Yard Management Solution ensuring hassle-free logistics and service in Western Europe, trusted by Lidl, DHL, Bridgestone e.a. Nedap is happy to provide performing high-end truck identification and detection systems to enable an efficient flow.”

Wouter Vansteenkiste, Channel Manager at Nedap Identification Systems

About Nedap Identification Systems

Urban populations are steadily growing and with that the number of vehicles that move in- and around our public and private space. Liveability, safety, security, accessibility are all important matters but often complicate the assurance of smooth traffic flows. Nedap is the leading specialist in systems for long-range identification, wireless vehicle detection and city access control. Identifying people and their vehicles without delaying them. With Nedap’s identification systems technology for the remote recognition, identification and detection of vehicles and drivers, we can make an enormous improvement in organizing traffic flows in urban environments such as parking garages, airports, business parks, yards and city centres.
More information: www.nedapidentification.com

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