Real-time insights with live dashboards

Product update
Bring your Peripass data to life with dashboards

Peripass yard management software provides dispatchers with a clear idea of the activities on the yard of their production site or warehouse. All truck drivers are registered, each truck is tracked & all tasks are logged. As a result, Peripass has a complete overview of what happens in your yard in real-time.

Until now this information was mainly used by people in charge of dispatching. This has changed with our latest feature live dashboarding. From now on, you can create & visualise dynamic dashboards, showing important information. This information can be displayed on screens in the field, your logistics office or the warehouse.

Use cases from our early adopters

Some of our customers already implemented live dashboards and consult them to answer questions like:

      • How much time is left to load or unload the truck at this dock?
      • How many trucks are currently waiting to be dispatched?
      • Which drivers have already arrived before their scheduled slot?
      • What visitors are you still expecting today and have they arrived already?
      • Should the loading order change, based on the real-time situation of the yard, considering who has already arrived and who hasn’t?
Live dashboard

Connect to your display

Peripass uses ScreenCloud, a cloud-based software tool, to push the live dashboard content to your desired display. We provide you with two options to connect to the Peripass data;

  • Connect a supported professional display that has a ‘System-on-a-Chip’, also known as a smart display. You can check the full list of supported devices here.
  • Connect an existing screen using a professional Media Player Box. We can help you to select the right one for you.
Live dashboard setup

Live dashboarding is a feature that needs to be enabled by our customer success team.
Contact your customer success person directly or drop us an email at

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