Reynaers Aluminium enhancing their yard management with Peripass

Nov 14, 2023 | New client

[Duffel, Belgium] Peripass is thrilled to announce its partnership with Reynaers Aluminium. A leading Belgian company specializing in high-quality aluminum solutions for the construction and building industry. This collaboration brings innovative yard management solutions to Reynaers Aluminium’s bustling facility in Duffel, Belgium. Which witnesses the arrival of an impressive 100 trucks daily.

Reynaers Aluminium: A Pinnacle in Aluminum Solutions

Reynaers Aluminium is renowned for its expertise in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of architectural aluminum systems. The extensive product range includes solutions for windows, doors, curtain walls, and various other architectural applications. These products are celebrated for their architectural versatility, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Making them a preferred choice for diverse building projects. Reynaers Aluminium stands as a pivotal contributor to innovative and sustainable aluminum solutions in the global construction sector.

Solving Complex Challenges with Peripass

At Reynaers Aluminium’s site in Duffel, several challenges needed to be addressed. The integration of Peripass solutions seeks to solve these issues effectively:

  • Visibility: The need for visibility concerning arrivals, driver registration, and current capacity on the site.
  • Communication: Preventing communication problems due to language barriers. More and more truck drivers have little to no understanding of English or Dutch.
  • Manual Workflows: A part of the processes relies on manual registration for both truck drivers and employees. Increasing the risk of errors and significantly slowing down throughput.
  • Dispatching: The need for automated dispatching from a central gatehouse. So that all manual processes can be automated.

Five Key Features for Enhanced Yard Management

Peripass’s integration at Reynaers Aluminium includes five crucial features to optimize yard management:

  • Self-Service Access: The introduction of self-service kiosks simplifies the entry process for visitors and drivers, enhancing efficiency and user-friendliness.
  • The Yard Control Tower: The Yard Control Tower offers real-time insights into yard operations. Allowing Reynaers Aluminium to monitor capacity, arrivals, and departures effectively.
  • Yard Task Management: Peripass’s Yard Task Management automates processes. Reducing manual work and ensuring a swift, error-free workflow.
  • Yard Asset Management: The Yard Asset Management feature further enhances efficiency by optimizing asset management and tracking.
  • Dock Sensors: The integration also includes implementing dock sensors, providing real-time data and insights into dock status and activities. Streamlining scheduling of deliveries and departures.

Why Reynaers Aluminium Chose Peripass

The decision to partner with Peripass was motivated by several critical factors:

Enhancing Safety: Peripass’s real-time data capabilities contribute to improved on-site safety.

Efficiency Gains: Peripass solutions increase efficiency, optimize workflows, and streamline operational processes.

Eliminating Manual Work: The transition to Peripass solutions eliminates the need for manual and dedicated registration desks.

Additional Insights

In addition to software solutions, Peripass is integrating existing hardware, including in and out barriers, double-height poles, pin code keypads, badge readers, and ANPR cameras. The installation of two self-service kiosks is part of this solution. The site also features inbound traffic that unloads at the docks, with weighing possibilities to improve throughput and enhance visibility on-site.

This collaboration between Reynaers Aluminium and Peripass is set to significantly enhance yard management and operational efficiency at the Duffel facility. Together, they are poised to streamline processes, improve communication, and deliver a more efficient and transparent experience for all stakeholders.

About Peripass:

Peripass is the yard automation solution.

We help production plants & distribution centers add self-service and automation to their yard operations so they can expand their throughput while improving the safety and visibility of their yard.

Our solution uniquely combines software and hardware to help clients solve typical problems related to their yard operations. These issues include truck traffic congestion and dangerous maneuvering around their sites, instructing truck drivers in foreign languages, dispatching efficiency leading to limited throughput, high carrier demurrage costs, and Time lost on manual audit logging or manually operating weighing systems.

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