ZF Innovating their site in Bouzonville with Yard Management

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with ZF, a global technology leader in automotive and industrial innovation. This partnership, aligned with Peripass’s mission to streamline logistics, not only welcomes ZF as our newest collaborator but also addresses their unique challenges through customized solutions for an optimized yard management system. Delighting in the addition of ZF to our collaborative family, we recognize them as a renowned global technology company, celebrated for innovations in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and industrial technology.

What Does ZF Expect to Solve with Our Solution?

  • Visibility: ZF faced challenges in visibility regarding arrivals, driver registration, and current site capacity, impacting their ability to direct drivers efficiently.
  • Communication: Language barriers can lead to communication issues, especially with truck drivers unfamiliar with English or Dutch during the registration process.
  • Manual workflows: A part of the processes relied on manual registration of data. This increases the risk of errors and due to the ever-increasing amount of data, more automated solutions are needed.
  • Manual weighing process: Manual work involved in the weighing process.

Integrating 5 of our features

  • Self-service access
  • The yard control tower
  • Yard task management
  • Yard automation
  • Weighing bridge integration

What Else Should We Know?

  • Integration of an existing weighing bridge on-site with Peripass hardware for regulation, automation, and enhanced safety.
  • Automation of procedures for logistical and visitor/service provider flows.
  • Implementation of a self-service kiosk with a passport scanner, supporting 15 languages, and integrated with the Paxton access control system.
  • Utilization of the control tower for automatic dispatching through the dispatch dashboard and a queue capacity management system.
  • Four forklift operators on-site using the Yard Operator app on their phones for task management.
  • IT integration for pre-registration, including the Outlook Calendar Connector and import to Excel.

About Peripass

Peripass is the yard automation solution.

We help production plants & distribution centres add self-service and automation to their yard operations so they can expand their throughput, while improving safety and visibility on their yard.

Our solution uniquely combines software and hardware to help clients solve typical problems related to their yard operations.These issues include: truck traffic congestion and dangerous manoeuvring around their sites, instructing truck drivers in foreign languages, dispatching efficiency leading to limited throughput, high carrier demurrage costs, Time lost on manual audit logging or manually operating weighing systems.


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