Peripass at XPO Logistics

“Thanks to Peripass we were able to enforce a uniform check-in process.”

– Benjamin van Ransbeeck, Operations Engineer at XPO Logistics


XPO Logistics is one of the top global providers of transport and logistics services. The company has operations in 32 countries, with 1,505 locations in Europe and North America.

Belgium, Asse

December 2019


trucks per day

Too many trucks onsite at the same time

Drivers from different countries, difficult communication

No insight in process-related data

A lot of congestion onsite because of the large influx of trucks

Long lines at the counter, no uniform check-in

Discussions about damage claims and wait times

“Thanks to Peripass we were able to enforce a uniform check-in process. As a result, we immediately know why a driver is here and what we have to do.”

“We have a global team of approximately 1,700 IT professionals, which allows us to innovate quickly, for our customers.” As part of its quest for innovation, XPO Logistics, which is based in Asse, contacted Peripass.

“Every day, 100 to 150 trucks pass through this site, depending on how busy things are. Our biggest problem was that there were simply too many trucks on site, because of our customers’ growth, and the scale-up.

As a result, there was a lot of congestion in our car park and at any given time during the day, you’d find several drivers at the counter. The platform essentially provided us with two big solutions: on the one hand, we have less parking problems now, because we have a larger, cleaner car park where all the drivers can park their trucks. And thanks to Peripass, we were able to enforce a uniform check-in process, meaning we have a much better idea why the driver is here and what is expected from us.”

The drivers are informed in their own language

“We receive a lot of truck drivers from many different countries. Peripass is quite useful as a result. You can set as many languages as you want, using the platform. As a result, drivers are addressed in their own language and they are briefed about the onsite health & safety rules in their own language.”

“It is a very comprehensive package. We determine the content ourselves. We can do everything we want to do with it.”

Also beneficial for customers

“This process also has plenty of benefits for our customers. The complete flow, from entrance to exit, is much faster because the registration process has become so efficient.

Our customers regularly ask us to provide them with specific data about punctuality and supply. Peripass allows to analyse all of this, from the moment a truck checks in to the moment the driver leaves the site. This allows us to see what happened to the truck and whether everything was done according to the agreements we have with our customers.”

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