Peripass at Decospan

“Peripass offers a transparent overview of the registered visitors present on the site for security purposes.”

– David Genquiere, Facility Manager at Decospan


Decospan, founded in 1979, has been a family business for three generations with a boundless passion for wood. Decospan is the European market leader in wood veneer processing and has an extensive range of products for wall, ceiling, floor, furniture and acoustic applications. The latest production site in Menen is fully committed to Industry 4.0 and showcases how Decospan innovates through the digitization of work processes.

Belgium, Menen


October 2020


trucks per day

There was a need to simplify and manage different visitor flows
The reception area for visitors is located centrally on site
Automatic dispatching based on information from ERP
Nobody could see who was present on site, or who should or shouldn’t be there
Need for clear communication to drivers who speak foreign languages
A flexible software platform for logistics reception
At Decospan, Peripass is used to control access for truck drivers, subcontractors and visitors. David Gesquiere, Facility Manager for Decospan, explains how Peripass delivers specific solutions for the site in Menen. “What was important to us was the platform’s flexibility. In fact, Peripass is an ‘open’ system, a software solution that can be molded according to our needs and wishes. That was actually what appealed to us in general.”

A unique platform with the right degree of flexibility

“Decospan first encountered Peripass about 4 years ago. Back then the software was still in the early stages. After an initial introduction and a presentation of the yard management platform, we visited Alpro in Wevelgem to see a live reference. They were already working with Peripass there.

Peripass is a unique system. It facilitates to communicate with visitors in different languages. Convenient, because we don’t speak all the languages, just think of the drivers from Eastern Bloc countries. Peripass makes it easy to receive them on our site and to give them clear guidelines.

Automation in the Decospan DNA

“In Belgium, Decospan has 2 production sites in Menen (5 and 7 ha respectively) as well as a high-bay warehouse with automatic cranes. So, in light of the company’s philosophy of focusing on Industry 4.0 and the associated automation, Peripass fits perfectly with this innovative approach. The aim is to keep the production sites in Belgium. We are a company with a lot of technical know-how. Despite the complexity of our sites, all of this will enable us to continue with the same number of people here in Flanders.”

“Peripass is an ‘open’ system, a flexible software platform. That flexibility was very important to us.”

“We have made the most significant progress in simplifying visitor flows and communication with foreign drivers. They are directed to the correct gate, via an SMS in their native language. ”

A two-step registration process: for visitors and for truck drivers

“The way to register is twofold. On one hand, the registration of visitors: customers and suppliers. They book an appointment in advance through our internal employees or technical service. We use the calendar connector for this. This way, visitors receive the access code the day before or in the morning via an E-ticket. In this e-mail, the visitor receives a PIN code and we also send an instructional video. The showroom is centrally located on site, where trucks also circulate. So, it is not easy to monitor safety. In a YouTube video, you can preview how to visit the site safely and the route to follow to the showroom. You use the same code to leave the site again after the visit.”

“On the other hand, the reception for trucks is organized slightly differently. They don’t receive an E-ticket in advance. Every driver registers upon arrival. A covered and glazed registration kiosk has been provided, so drivers are protected against rain and wind. After registering, they are sent a PIN code on their cell phone, along with instructions on what to do: either park in the waiting lot or continue to a specific gate on the site. The PIN code is valid for 24 hours. We have also created a video for truck drivers, which is available to the transport companies and the drivers.”

“After registration, the truck drivers are sent a PIN code via SMS, along with instructions to park or to drive to the correct gate.”

Visibility across the entire site using the dispatch dashboard

“Thanks to the Peripass platform, we know exactly who enters and when. We have a number of gates for unloading and a separate set of gates for trucks that come for pick-up. Now, there is one person who controls the transports on site using the logistics dashboard. He can ‘drag’ incoming trucks to the correct gate. The platform ensures that an SMS is sent to the drivers, in their own native language, with further instructions.”

Thanks to the dispatch dashboard, we know precisely who enters and when

“At the moment, we are still missing a link with the ERP. As a company, we are subject to many changes. To enable an excellent service, Decospan is investing heavily in Industry 4.0. Up until now, our organization wasn’t ready for linking with Peripass. We plan to work on this issue later this year. We will also upgrade the second production site in Menen, which dates back to the late 1990s, to Peripass, so access control will also be available there. This is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.”

Every visitor is required to register

“The greatest progress has been made in simplifying visitor flows. Physically, there is one major disadvantage on the site. The showroom, where visitors and suppliers are received, is located centrally on the site, so beyond the barriers where the trucks also pass. Visitors therefore have to register in advance.

There is a need for awareness internally about using the right systems and receiving visitors in the correct way. If visitors receive the PIN code in advance, everything is simple. They receive the PIN code by e-mail to open the barrier.

Anyone who didn’t receive a PIN code in advance will be asked to register manually at the kiosk. The PIN code is instantly sent by SMS. Only then is it possible to enter the site. In addition, we continue to work on the signage.”

More capacity in the future

“We currently have a capacity of 30 to 40 trucks entering the site daily, including both our own trucks and external transports. At the moment, we are still working with 2 production sites two kilometers apart from each other. We are gradually taking steps to transfer the stock and machines for the standard panels from the second warehouse to this site, here. Our own traffic and third parties are currently shuttling back and forth between the two production sites. This will eventually become redundant once everything is converted. But then the volume of external transports will increase strongly on this site. In which case Peripass can and will be able to fully prove its value.”

Overview of the perimeter

“As Facility Manager, I am also responsible for Security. Peripass certainly contributes to the security of the site, by controlling the flow of visitors. When all barriers and gates are closed, the perimeter is guarded. In the past, all entrances used to be open and trucks could come and it was the sweet raid of trucks here. Everyone just drove in, so we had no idea who was on the site, and who was supposed to be there and who wasn’t. Today, not just anyone can enter the site and the site has become a lot safer. In terms of security, Peripass offers a transparent overview of all the registered visitors present on the site.”


“Peripass offers a transparent overview of the registered visitors present on the site for security purposes.”

Next steps: integration with ERP

“This year still, we hope to complete the modification of our ERP and will go live with Axapta2012. We will provide additional links with Peripass for this. A truck coming to unload has an order number, which must be recognized in Peripass. Then the operator at reception immediately knows which truck it is and for which gate it is destined. So additional logic needs to be built in there. Without the link with ERP, the order number is requested at the kiosk, but it is not a mandatory field. As a result, a piece of logic is still missing today, and dispatching is still done manually via the dashboard. Once all information has been linked, this can be automated. The Decospan IT team will work together with the Peripass implementation team for this.”

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