Peripass organizes the first European Yard Summit

The specialist in digital yard management solutions, Peripass organizes the first European Yard Summit. This international event for supply chain and logistics specialists takes place on April 28th. Peripass provides an international forum for industry leaders who will explore and discuss the latest innovations in Supply Chain and Yard Management. Peripass welcomes top speakers from across the logistics industry for a panel discussion, live interviews, demos and more.

The line-up of speakers participating in the European Yard summit is impressive: market leaders from Europe such as Brigestone, Etex, Hit Holz will share their experiences. Transporeon, the largest European logistics platform, and partner of Peripass, will present the seamless integration of Peripass Yard Management with Transporeon and demonstrate the 360° visibility on the daily logistics operations.

Autonomous yard operations, the road to onsite visibility & operational excellence

When it comes to topics, the event will cover themes ranging from autonomous yards, yard visibility to the future of supply chain technologies and more. While exploring the business cases that can be realized on yards, Peripass Product Director Matti Desmet will showcase the different concepts that allow to gain real-time visibility on your yard. Robbie Gaudesaboos of Bridgestone will guide you through the lessons learned, pitfalls and most important wins. What started small, with self-service registration for drivers, has now evolved into a fully digital yard operation.

Log!Ville Experience Center

Innovation is crucial to the future of logistics and supply chain. During the European Yard Summit you can experience and test innovative technologies and applications to optimize and future-proof logistics operations. The Innovation Ambassadors are looking forward to guiding visitors through the very latest innovative supply chain automation, digitalization and sustainability technologies. Find out more on hydrogen-fuelled trucks (Air Products), Toyota Material Handling Europe, autonomous robots (Savoye), H.Essers sustainability solutions, Vanas Storeganizer, WDP warehouses and many more.

Commenting on the announcement of European Yard Summit:

“We are delighted to organise an event that includes logistics industry leaders that have invested in autonomous yard processes in their companies.” says Leander Naessens, CEO of Peripass. “We look forward to sharing the experiences of these thought leaders and about their approaches, success and also the possible pitfalls. In addition, we are eager to share our knowledge in logistics and supply chain…”

More information on the event :


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