Keep an overview with integrable security technology

Suppliers, contractors, customers, technical staff… Every day people come and go on the premises of logistics and industrial companies. So how can you keep an overview? We asked Sven De Keukeleire, the CEO of security specialist CheckMade (formerly known as Security Design).

(This article was published in September 2018 in Transport & Logistics.)

Good access control is not just dictated by your own sense of security. Increasingly, it is also enforced by national and international regulations. It is even mandatory in food companies where it is part of the food safety process and port companies are familiar with the security requirements of the ISPS Code and AEO when trading with the United States for example.

More than just security

“Until recently, monitoring who is on your company premises at any given point in time was quite difficult. Who arrived and when? What are they doing on your company site and when will they leave? Obviously, you can rely on a paper administration and physical access control but nowadays there are plenty of other, very smart and efficient technological solutions you can use”, Sven De Keukeleire explains.

“In addition to improving onsite security, these solutions also enable you to use the working time of your employees much more efficiently by automating certain visitor and delivery flows. And who knows, you may even be able to reduce the total labour cost. A well-thought-through automation of these processes also factors in security: every visitor, contractor or truck driver that checks in to your company site must review and approve your company’s safety instructions. You can also check when a truck arrived and how much time it spent onsite and link this to the images from security cameras. Such a solution also allows you to find out more easily what happened in case of an incident.”

Text messages in an infinite number of languages

In the past, the seamless integration of security systems with existing ERP solutions proved quite a struggle. “Even when CheckMade was still called Security Design, we already promoted an open philosophy for products, always focussing on the integrability with other software. We have no choice, especially in light of the current automation trends and the emergence of the Internet of Things.”

CheckMade thus became the first company in Belgium to partner with Peripass, a new access management solution for the logistics sector and industry. The Peripass platform automates and digitises all the access and communication flows on a specific site. More specifically, Peripass acts as the go-between between all the business software (ERP, TMS, WMS) and all the access management hardware on a site.

This integration makes life much easier for visitors and the company at the administrative level. Visitors or suppliers must pre-register and check in at the automated visitor kiosk onsite (using a PO number for example). Peripass takes care of all the communication with visitors (safety instructions, access code, etc.) in 26 languages. As a result, companies know 24/7 who is where onsite. The number of incidents is also reduced as a result. All the collected information is reported in detail to the organisation’s ERP solution for real-time business insights.


CheckMade is a Preferred Hardware Partner of Peripass.

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