Peripass and Magnetic join forces in the French and German market

Jan 23, 2022 | Partnerships

Introducing a strong collaboration between Peripass and Magnetic provides a complete solution in traffic and yard management for logistics sites. Peripass will work with Magnetic in yard management projects to provide solutions for access to logistics sites. Through this cooperation, Peripass strengthens its unique position as a one-stop-shop for Yard Management in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland: both for consultancy, hardware, software and security at logistics sites.

Peripass uses its expertise and technology to enable companies to optimize and automate their logistics processes. Magnetic, as part of the FAAC Group, is known as a supplier of vehicle access solutions and will work with Peripass in projects to provide solutions for barriers and registration columns for cars and trucks. At the same time, Magnetic is also the installation partner to install hardware on site.

Many companies are still struggling with the recurring challenges of a traditional logistics site: unsafe traffic situations at the reception, trucks performing dangerous maneuvers or spending the night in unlocked areas. By fencing the site and combining this with the digital Yard Management solutions from Peripass you keep unwanted trucks out, increase security and create more visibility over the entire site. It is therefore a logical step for Peripass and Magnetic to join forces. The result? A fluent entrance to the site, accompanied by improvements in safety and security by keeping traffic at logistics sites under control


About Magnetic
Magnetic Autocontrol works in the ever-growing international market of pedestrian and vehicle access control. Headquartered in Schopfheim, Germany, it serves customers around the globe through its strategically located subsidiaries and vast network of distribution centers and has been serving customers for more than 75 years.
Magnetic Autocontrol provides advanced solutions to control the flow of the security entrances in public buildings, museums and offices, airports and public transport.*They offer high-quality, reliable and sustainable products with a high added value for the end-customer whilst excelling with proven knowledge in project management on a global scale. Magnetic is part of the internationally active FAAC Group, an Italian multinational at the forefront in providing solutions for the automation and control of pedestrian and vehicular access for residential and industrial applications. For more information about our company and our products:

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