Driving Efficiency in Germany’s Largest Industrial Bakery, Harry-Brot

[Soltau, Gemany] – Peripass is proud to announce its latest strategic collaboration with the renowned Harry-Brot GmbH. With this partnership, Peripass will integrate its cutting-edge logistical solutions into Harry-Brot GmbH ’s Soltau site. A bustling hub that welcomes an average of 140 trucks per day. The collaboration aims to redefine supply chain efficiency for the bakery sector.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Efficiency

Harry-Brot GmbH, Germany’s top industrial bakery with an annual turnover surpassing 1.2 billion euros, has specific expectations from this collaboration:

  1. Driver-Friendly Registration: Leveraging Peripass Self-Service-Registration, Harry-Brot aims to enhance the registration experience for drivers. Ensuring quick and seamless check-ins.
  1. Optimal Truck Arrival Management: Combining Time Slot Management and Yard Management, aims to regulate the arrival of trucks at the Soltau site. This integration ensures a more balanced and efficient operational flow.
  1. Smart Dispatching: With Peripass Yard Control Tower, Harry-Brot GmbH expects to benefit from intelligent dispatching capabilities. Optimizing movement and minimizing delays.
  1. Yard Operator App: The Peripass Yard Operator App is anticipated to streamline operations on the ground. Facilitating real-time coordination among the yard staff.

    Choosing Peripass: A Commitment to Excellence

    The configurability, automation capabilities, and future-proof development roadmap of Peripass solutions were crucial factors in Harry-Brot GmbH’s decision. Recognizing the need to stay ahead in a competitive market, Harry-Brot GmbH identified Peripass as the best fit to elevate their logistical processes.

    “We’re extremely proud to partner with an industry stalwart like Harry-Brot GmbH. This collaboration underscores our commitment to driving logistical innovation tailored to our clients’ unique needs. With Harry-Brot, we envision creating a synergy where tradition meets modern efficiency. That ensueres that their esteemed products reach their vast consumer base seamlessly.” commented Leander Naessens, CEO of Peripass.

    Future Plans and Integration

    While this collaboration kickstarts with the Soltau location, both companies have ambitious expansion plans. Two subsequent phases aim to integrate Peripass solutions into up to 10 Harry-Brot GmbH sites across Germany. Furthermore, the Peripass solution will be integrated with Transporeon, amplifying the potential for a more synchronized supply chain process.

    Final Words

    This collaboration underscores a commitment to operational excellence by Harry-Brot GmbH. It reaffirms Peripass’s reputation as a go-to solution for logistical challenges. As these two industry leaders join forces, the bakery supply chain in Germany is poised to experience unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

    About Peripass:

    Peripass is the yard automation solution. 

    We help production plants & distribution centres add self-service and automation to their yard operations so they can expand their throughput, while improving safety and visibility on their yard.

    Our solution uniquely combines software and hardware to help clients solve typical problems related to their yard operations.These issues include: truck traffic congestion and dangerous manoeuvring around their sites, instructing truck drivers in foreign languages, dispatching efficiency leading to limited throughput, high carrier demurrage costs, Time lost on manual audit logging or manually operating weighing systems.

    About Harry-Brot GmbH:

    Based in Schenefeld near Hamburg, Harry-Brot GmbH stands as a symbol of dedication and innovation in Germany’s bakery industry. Their exceptional growth trajectory is marked by an annual turnover exceeding 1.2 billion euros. This showcases a successful blend of traditional baking methods and modern supply chain strategies.

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