Peripass selected for PortXL

Oct 20, 2018 | New client

Peripass has been selected for the most important port start-up selector from a group of 17 innovative start-ups.

Peripass, which is already making a difference at various Belgian logistics hubs and distribution centres, has now been given an opportunity to apply its technology and know-how within the wider ecosystem of Antwerp’s port.

From Antwerp to Singapore

PortXL is the world’s first port and maritime start-up selector and was founded in 2015 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to create more innovation in the maritime industry, with locations in Rotterdam, Antwerp and Singapore. An American hub is also in the pipeline.

In recent years, PortXL has developed an impressive network of maritime start-ups. Every year, the network scouts start-ups, selecting only those start-ups that are considered to be the most promising to grow its network. “We coach these start-ups, putting them in touch with port companies who see potential in the business case of a specific start-up”, Mare Straetmans, Managing Director PortXL, explains. “A collaboration with start-ups exposes companies in the port to the most forward-thinking and innovative ideas and technologies, allowing them to speed up improvements to their business processes, and even innovate faster”, says Straetmans.

Market expansion to ports

Peripass will this have the opportunity to develop various use cases within different port companies (DEME, MSC, etc.) in the following ports, with the support of the Antwerp Port Authority. As a result, Peripass will be able to gain a firm foothold in Antwerp’s port with its yard management platform.

We and the entire team raised our glasses to this good news, because without a team we would never have been able to achieve such great results.

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Left to right: Leander Naessens (CEO, Peripass), Cees-Willem Koorneef (Director, PortXL Antwerp), Mare Straetmans (Managing Director, PortXL). Photo credit: Sven Goyvaerts

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