Peripass is one of the speakers at the first “Alphatronics Partner Day”

Oct 23, 2018 | Conferences & Events

Last week Youri Van Der Zwalmen, Director Strategic Accounts and Alliances, spoke to some 30 Alphatronics partners in Lokeren, Belgium.

The partners came from Flanders and the Netherlands and were all in attendance to hear various speakers talk about web-based solutions in yard management and access automation.

Peripass came to present its software platform that automates and digitises the access and communication of logistical reception and various visitor flows.

Youri Van Der Zwalmen: “Seeing as we focus on high-performance software, we always work with partners who are specialised in the hardware part of our solutions. In this way we can jointly offer total solutions that are tailor-made to the customer and are much more far-reaching”.

This has a whole host of advantages for the partner. Youri: “The advantage for the partner is that thanks to our software his hardware becomes much smarter, with the result that he can offer his customers more complex solutions. What’s more, in so doing, and in one go, he is also signalling to his customers that he is keeping abreast of the latest technological innovations”.

Because Peripass already has a number of successful collaborations with partners under its belt, it will be starting up a partnership programme in 2019. Youri: “We want to invest with Peripass in a number of parties who are interested in offering a total solution together with us. So for us this Alphatronics Partner Day was an ideal occasion to explain our application and at the same time to make an appeal to anyone who would be interested in having talks with us”.

If you would be interested in becoming a Peripass Partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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