Peripass taking on Dutch market

Jul 23, 2019 | Company Update

From the Port of Rotterdam to an innovative scale-up in Ghent: meet Peripass.

The logistics sector is growing enormously in the Netherlands. There is substantial investment everywhere in big warehouse projects like those in Venlo, Eindhoven and the Port of Rotterdam. The Netherlands definitely has very good positioning as a distribution country, a real gateway to Europe, thanks to the many large warehouses and the Port of Rotterdam, still the largest in Europe. We have an interesting talk with Youri Van Der Zwalmen about the launch of Peripass in The Netherlands.

“We see quite a few developments in the logistics world, both in Rotterdam and far beyond. The supply chain demands more and more. Just consider warehousing, cross-docking; everything has to go faster, there is a shortage of drivers; more demands more and more reliability. You can tackle a large number of those challenges by making the processes more efficient and providing more real-time insights.”

“There’s more of a culture of cooperation in logistics in the Netherlands, partly because there is an enormous shortage of space for logistics companies. So you see that many parties consider a central parking area that they then manage together with other companies in the area. They set up a cooperative for this. This way the investment cost is also distributed over the various owners. They want to present themselves as one organisation and use the increased efficiency to position themselves as a “one-stop shop”. I’m convinced that Peripass can be an enormous added value for this type of organisation.”

“What’s also unique in the Netherlands is the large volume of transport of perishable goods. Food and beverages, of course, but also flowers. The export of flowers and plants, with a value of €6 billion, is the most important export product of the Netherlands after machinery. For this reefer loading it’s essential that the content be handled quickly. Peripass can play a big role there too.”

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