"Peripass has offered additional support in providing the hardware."

ID Logistics is an international logistics service provider with more than 340 branches in 17 countries worldwide. ID Logistics Benelux is a 3PL (third- party logistics) player with customers in various industries such as Automotive, Retail, High-tech and E-commerce.

The Netherlands, ‘s Hertogenbosch


September 2021


trucks per day

Possible traffic jams in the future due to changes in the traffic management for the streets around the site
No clarity about expansion to an extra warehouse and waiting parking area
At the new site, there is no gatekeeper for the reception of trucks
Adjustment of the initial project to a quick start-up of a new site
Need for flexibility in providing available containers on site
Internal personnel changes within ID Logistics since the start of the project

“The logistics knowledge of Peripass’s implementation consultants, combined with their wealth of experience acquired on other projects, was maximally deployed to devise solutions for the optimization of processes for ID Logistics.”

ID Logistics has 8 sites in Belgium and the Netherlands. Peripass was implemented at a brand-new site in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, although the initial request was described very differently. Robby Goedefroy, Project Manager of ID Logistics, explains what the collaboration with Peripass involved: from in-depth analyses of the logistics flows, mapping out various logistics solutions to the successful rollout of yard management.

“In itself, ID Logistics is a very atypical story. During the analysis process of the initial set-up, we deviated greatly from the original plan. The initial request was to gain a visual overview at the Willebroek site of which trucks and containers are present on the site. In connection with this, we also had the idea of working with a Self-Service kiosk for the registration of trucks. So that we could lighten the gatekeeper’s workload and allow the standard tasks to be handled through a digital process. That was the initial plan.”

“In the first phase of the project, we were confronted with the Spatial Planning Department of the municipality of Willebroek: new plans from the municipality limited us in terms of parking options and capacity solutions. The access road to the site is currently a dead-end street, but that will change due to the revised plans of the municipality. Our street, which we now use as a waiting car park at peak times, will become a street with through traffic. As a result, we will no longer be able to use it in the same way. The trucks that are now queuing in the dead-end street cause very few problems, but in the future this could be different. During the initial analysis sessions, together with the Peripass consultants, we looked at what possible solutions we could work out when the change in traffic management is implemented. This resulted in a new traffic plan for the site and expansion with an additional depot. That is how we started out in Willebroek.”

“During the initial analysis sessions, we looked for possible solutions together with the Peripass consultants”

Flexibility, logistics knowledge and expertise

“In Willebroek, we had no clarity whatsoever about the possibility of an extra depot on an additional site. That’s why we ended up abandoning the implementation of Peripass in Willebroek. Peripass responded very well to our need for flexibility at ID Logistics. We experienced this as very positive. At the time, all help, and expertise was welcome. The logistics knowledge of Peripass’s implementation consultants, combined with their wealth of experience acquired on other projects, was maximally deployed to devise solutions for the optimization of processes for ID Logistics.

We also have a new customer in ‘s Hertogenbosch. So, we chose to implement Peripass at the new location. Later, we will look at when we can deploy Peripass in Willebroek or at another ID Logistics site in the Benelux. The aim is to equip all ID Logistics sites in the Benelux with Peripass. The users themselves are encouraging us to implement Peripass at every ID Logistics location. And that, of course, speaks volumes about the user-friendliness and benefits of Peripass.”

“We started from an existing situation that has many challenges and shifted to a modified situation where we could start from scratch, where you can design what you want, tailored to the site, and that provides a long-term solution. Where do we let the trucks enter the site? Where do they register? Where can they park? How do we start a new traffic management plan for the site? Here, Peripass’s knowledge and expertise was extremely useful.”

“The big advantage of Peripass is that you can see in real-time on the dispatch dashboard when trucks are expected”

“Today Peripass is live at ID Logistics Den Bosch. This is a completely new site, for a new customer, active in gardening, do-it-yourself and outdoor equipment. We cannot make a before-and-after comparison in terms of saving time for reception staff. Peripass does not play a replacement role there, but we had considered at the outset that we would not have to provide any resources, thanks to Peripass.

We immediately opted for a registration kiosk: drivers can register their cargo digitally themselves and we get real-time insight into the site. The big advantage of Peripass is that you can instantly see on the dispatch dashboard when trucks are expected. Plus, you also have an overview of which trucks have already arrived and which still need to be unloaded or dealt with. You have a constant overview of all trucks for that day, and you can fully anticipate everything, which is handy at peak times. That’s just one of the great advantages of the Peripass software.”

“ID Logistics works with self-developed Transport Management software and is connected to the Peripass platform to transmit transport data. All data entered in the kiosk by the driver is immediately visible in the Transport Management System so that we have an overview there of when trucks have arrived and so that we can make our reports. Peripass is directly linked to the TMS on this site.”

The logistic process

“At the site in Den Bosch we work for one customer with different flows: inbound, outbound and a separate container flow. We have deliberately kept the latter separate because the flexibility for containers needs to be very high. Containers are very often requested on demand. In order not to create a bottleneck, we opted, together with the consultants, to register containers via a separate ‘profile’ on the kiosk. Even if the containers are not scheduled for that day, they can still be admitted to the site at any time. Thanks to Yard Asset Management, it’s very easy to always have a real-time overview in order to know which container is where and what the status of that container is.

For inbound and outbound, the registration process is like this: the truck drives on to the barrier and the driver registers at the kiosk with the unique reference number. Next, the driver enters his mobile phone number for further communication on the site. Simple. We try to avoid as much as possible that drivers are not allowed to drive in. That’s why there’s a sort of emergency button: in extreme emergency, the dispatch can be contacted by telephone.”


“During a Go-Live, Peripass is on site to ensure that everything runs smoothly from day one”

Software and hardware implementation

“We’ve had a fantastic experience with the Peripass implementation consultant. He supervised the project from start to finish. Thanks to the step-by-step approach of the software, everything was brought to a successful conclusion very quickly. Peripass offered additional support by supplying the hardware provided by Securitas Netherlands. As a result, we have experienced very few moments of stress or worry. We feel that at Peripass they really know what they’re doing. And even though ID Logistics has opted for a completely new start-up on a different site than originally planned, we don’t have to lose any sleep over the Yard Management part of the total supply chain here at the site in ‘s Hertogenbosch. A very pleasant way of working, from the start.”

“Peripass has offered additional support in providing the hardware”

“Now, after go-live, we’re entering a phase where all the initial difficulties are behind us. And we can continue to focus on further optimization. The difficulties we’re talking about are specific to start-up processes, where you had initially envisaged certain scenarios differently. There are certainly operational challenges when you are starting up a site. The theory, developed during the analysis phases, must be tested in practice. That’s why Peripass employees are always on site during a Go-Live, to be able to take care of everything and adjust where necessary. So that the Peripass platform ensures a flawless reception of trucks from day one.”

Visibility and transparency

“What’s very useful for users is that, thanks to Peripass, you can monitor your suppliers very transparently and can display information in a structured way. You quickly gain insight into all the information.

Drivers are required to enter their details accurately. For example, the drivers use a single registration number. This represents an absolute added value, because a lot of numbers are used in logistics. At ID Logistics, it’s super handy that you are dealing with one type of number. That makes it clear to everyone. While this can sometimes cause problems on other sites, this is not the case here. You have a single specific number that you can communicate.

By saving all time registrations on the platform, you avoid disputes about waiting times and such. The kiosk is also very strict. You cannot tell a whole story, it’s a yes or a no, and there’s no in-between. And the drivers are also addressed in the language that is familiar to them, which again creates extra added value. Here too, the knowledge of Peripass, how to translate certain words, is very important.”

“By using Peripass, we can present very good figures when it comes to throughput times and capacity. For outbound we are at about 130 cargos per day, for inbound about 140 cargos on average. This is a daily challenge. This is 270 cargos for 20 loading docks every 16 hours on days on which we work. In other words, a very high turnover factor. A trailer may never be on a loading dock for more than 1h15, otherwise we will not be able to process all 270 cargos. In our sector, this is a very short lead time.”

“The Peripass users of ID Logistics are themselves asking when Peripass will be implemented on the other sites. It’s very positive to see how the project is being supported by the dispatchers to deploy it on other sites. This once again shows the strengths and user-friendliness of the Peripass platform.”

“The users of the platform are themselves asking to implement Peripass Yard Management in all other sites”

Next steps

“We are currently considering for the Benelux group on which site of the other seven locations we want to implement Peripass first. We want to investigate launching this at other sites, either with or without the Transport Management System. If Peripass is linked to the TMS, you can provide the Peripass platform with all the necessary data in a more structured way. At some sites, there is no TMS. There, we want to see which conditions must be met to allow Peripass to work autonomously or to link it to the WMS. The solutions are very diverse.”

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