Peripass supported innovation during OTM Logistics Hackathon 2019

Congratulations to the winning teams: H2GO (Spadel) and Timo (Timocom)

The logistics hackathon is a contest to collaborate and create innovative solutions for 6 challenging logistics issues. Each of these cases is brought by one of the leading shippers and service providers in Belgium. The 3 participating shipper companies were Soudal, Jan De Nul and Spadel. The 3 participating service providers were ODTH, DP World and Timocom.

Photography by Sacha Jennis Fotografie

Although hackathons outside the software & tech industry are still a relatively new concept, examples show that future-oriented logistics companies and shippers can benefit greatly. The success of a hackathon lies in the ideas and innovative alternatives, carefully thought by external parties, who look at a problem with a new, refreshing look. 24 hours of intensive experimentation with new technologies, possibly with a spice digital knowledge and exciting concepts to then unpack with great results in yard management and supply chain visibility.

Leander Naessens, our CEO of Peripass, has a broad interest in product management, software design and automation. He was happy to support this event as a member of the jury. The OTM Logistics Hackathon 2019 was organized by OTM and Lanark. OTM, Organization of Traffic Managers, and Lanark, Digital Supply Chain Engineers, challenged participants to 24 hours of intense experimenting with other creative logistics & supply chain innovators.

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