Boosting Efficiency and User Experience: Peripass October Product Update

Nov 8, 2023 | Product update

We are excited to introduce the latest update to our Peripass software, which brings several new features, improvements, and actions to streamline your registration management process. In this release, we focus on enhancing reference matching, making small but impactful improvements, and introducing two new actions to simplify profile mapping within Peripass.

1. Better Reference Matching

Profile Redirection

Mistakes happen, but with our improved reference matching, Peripass is now equipped to automatically redirect visitors or drivers to the correct profile when they select the wrong one on the kiosk. This feature will come into play in specific circumstances:

  • The visitor is pre-registered in Peripass.
  • The visitor enters the correct reference.
  • Both the original and the “corrected” profile have automatic approval enabled.




Prefix Displaying

To further enhance clarity, we’ve added the option to display a prefix on the kiosk. This prefix helps drivers better understand which reference number is being requested, reducing confusion and errors.

Ignore Characters & Prefixes

Peripass now has the ability to ignore specific characters, such as hyphens or other symbols, and prefixes when searching for a match with a pre-registered visitor. This feature ensures that even if reference numbers are entered with minor variations, Peripass can still accurately identify the correct profile.

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2. Small Improvements

Bigger “Next” Button

In response to user feedback, we’ve made the “next” button on the keyboard larger and more prominent. This change ensures that visitors can easily locate and use this crucial button without any hassle.

Recto-Verso Printing

Peripass now remembers whether to print specific documents one-sided or two-sided. This feature simplifies the printing process, helping you save time and resources.

Document type Printing Reason
CMR Two-sided Print general coditions on the back of the paper
Packing list One-sided Each page contains  a seperate delivery  and needs  to be handed out to a different receiver

Updated Transwide Integration

We’ve enhanced our integration with Transwide by introducing a new field mapping option. The booking execution status will now be mapped to a process step field with the technical name “Transwide_booking_execution_status.” This mapping allows you to trigger actions in Peripass when updates to the booking execution status are received.

Please note that if Peripass receives a status from Alpega that doesn’t match any of the options in the process step field, the update will be ignored, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Reordering & Renaming Actions

Actions within Peripass have been restructured and renamed for improved usability. You’ll find it easier than ever to locate the specific action you need for your visitor management processes.

3. 2 New Actions for Profile Mapping

We understand that efficient profile mapping is critical for your operations. To simplify this process, we’ve introduced two new actions in Peripass:

New Action: Change Profile

With the “Change Profile” action, you can now modify a visitor’s profile based on specific visitor fields. This action is particularly useful when using standard integrations with Transporeon or Transwide, as these integrations typically create visitors with default TMS profiles.


New Action: Extend Profile Validity

The “Extend Profile Validity” action allows you to extend a profile’s validity by adding days before or after the current validity period. This feature is valuable when you receive a booking from an appointment scheduling tool, and operations need to accommodate drivers arriving a few days earlier or later than initially scheduled.

However, it’s important to be cautious when using these actions in combination with the trigger “When a visitor is assigned a profile.” Always include the condition “Visitor last updated by | is not | Triggers & Actions” to prevent potential loops.

We hope these new features and improvements enhance your experience with Peripass, making your visitor management more efficient and error-free. If you have any questions or need assistance with the new actions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Thank you for choosing Peripass, and we look forward to continuing to meet your visitor management needs.

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